Kassem’s Plate with chicken – Ali Baba

Kassem's Plate with chicken - Ali Baba
Chicken shawerma with pickled onions and parsley, served with rice and choice of salad. $10.35
Ali Baba, South San Francisco CA

The chicken in this dish was dry, which was an unfortunate theme. I really liked the rice though! It had lentils in it which gave it a great texture. A pretty good value if that’s what you’re looking for.

Yogurt cucumber salatat - Ali Baba
Yogurt cucumber salatat (diced cucumber salad with yogurt and mint). This was pretty tasty, but maybe a little too yogurt-y. It did help balance out the dry chicken though.

Ali Baba street sign

Ali Baba street sign. This is definitely a destination restaurant since there’s not much around it.

Panda "bear" sidewalk stencil
Panda “bear” sidewalk stencil, San Francisco Bay Trail. Aw, isn’t he cute?!


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