Chocolate coffee custard – Zahav

Chocolate coffee custard - Zahav
Blood orange, crystallized cocoa, sugared almonds. Mesibah menu $53 per person
Zahav, Philadelphia PA

I really enjoyed this dessert. Under the hardened chocolate shell was a silky, coffee flavored custard that just melted in your mouth. Such a wonderful way to end a glorious meal at Zahav. Thank you, Zahav! Until next time.


Roasted lamb shoulder – Zahav

Roasted lamb shoulder - Zahav
With pomegranate and chickpeas, served with rice pilav. Mesibah menu $53 per person
Zahav, Philadelphia PA

OMG, this was probably the best lamb I’ve ever tasted – no joke!! It was so tender and full of flavor, and it just melted in your mouth. I looked on their website recently and they no longer have the lamb on their menu which is a damn shame because this was the best thing ever! I’m just glad I had the chance to try it before they moved on. Lordy, I can almost taste it in my mouth if I think hard enough – it was that good!!! I took the leftovers home, and I swear it tasted just as good the next day. 🙂

Hummus and laffa – Zahav

Hummus with daily topping - Zahav
Mesibah menu $53 per person
Zahav, Philadelphia PA

If I recall correctly, the daily topping for the hummus was some sort of mushroom mixture, but I could be wrong. Regardless, I remember that it tasted amazing and I couldn’t get enough!

Laffa bread - Zahav
Laffa bread baked in wood-burning oven. Omg, this bread was out of this world! I could eat this every day for sure!