Watermelon and wings – The Beauty Shop Restaurant

Watermelon and wings - The Beauty Shop Restaurant
White Szechuan pepper, sugar dust, sweet chile lime sauce, greens, toasted cashews, Maytag blue cheese. $13
The Beauty Shop Restaurant, Memphis TN

Mmm, these were so tasty! I loved the sauce on the chicken wings and the toppings were great too. I don’t think I’ve ever had chicken wings and watermelon together, but the combo was great. The wings were also super large so this dish was substantial.

Tuna and watermelon tartare – Le Pigeon

Tuna and watermelon tartare - Le Pigeon
Watermelon dashi, sweet and spicy pickles, lime aioli, crispy rice. 5 course tasting menu $85
Le Pigeon, Portland OR

This dish was just so fresh, bright, clean, and delicious! I loved the way they made the watermelon and tuna similar in appearance. It was like a surprise to see if you got a piece of watermelon or tuna before you took a bite. Yum!

Bread and salted butter - Le Pigeon
Bread and salted butter.

Celery root salad – Stoneburner

Celery root salad - Stoneburner
Shaved brussels sprouts, lovage, salsa verde. Happy hour $8
Stoneburner, Seattle WA

Who uses lovage these days?! Stoneburner apparently and it makes me happy. This salad seems pretty simple, but it’s absolutely delicious. NOMS!

Shrub Club cocktail - Stoneburner
Shrub Club: tequila, watermelon shrub, lime, seltzer. Happy hour $7

Father and Son fountain
Father and Son fountain, 2005, Louise Bourgeois, Olympic Sculpture Park.

Mango ice – Halowich

Mango ice - Halowich
Shaved ice with mango soft serve, mango, banana, pineapple, watermelon, jackfruit, red bean, powdered milk, condensed milk and chocolate sauce, topped with a cherry. 150 PHP
Halowich – Boracay PHILIPPINES

Omg, it’s been really hot here in San Francisco this week so I thought I’d post this awesome halo-halo dessert from Boracay! This thing was monster and so delicious to eat on a hot sunny day. I’m not sure how much sugar is packed in this cup, but I don’t want to know! Just shove it into my belly. 🙂

Station 2 beach
Panorama shot of Station 2 beach.

Fresh fruit and Vietnamese coffee – Pink Tulip Hotel

Fresh fruit - Pink Tulip Hotel
Dragonfruit, papaya, and watermelon.
Pink Tulip Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City VIETNAM

I’m always wary of eating fresh fruit in foreign countries unless it has a peel and I’m the one who peels it myself. But our morning fruit plates were great and we never got sick from them. Phew!

Vietnamese coffee - Pink Tulip Hotel
Vietnamese coffee with milk. They also provide hot water in case the coffee is too strong for your taste.

Vietnamese coffee - Pink Tulip Hotel
Almost done! I love Vietnamese coffee. I always asked for regular milk instead of the condensed milk.

Pink Tulip Hotel guard dog
The hotel guard dog. 🙂

Fresh fruit - Pink Tulip Hotel
Banana, papaya, and watermelon.

Iced Vietnamese coffee - Pink Tulip Hotel
Iced Vietnamese coffee with milk.

Ahi tuna nigiri – Roxy’s Cafe

Ahi tuna nigiri - Roxy's Cafe
Ponzu, watermelon ice, sprouting greens, grapes. 10-course chef’s tasting menu $75
Roxy’s Cafe, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I loved this little bright, refreshing dish! The ahi was beautiful and delicious and the other ingredients were fun and unexpected. I’m not sure what the greens were (some kind of creeping succulent), but they had a great texture and added a different dimension to the dish. The Apiaceae flowers were pretty and the ponzu helped join everything together. Noms!

de Young Museum
de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park.

Foie gras cuit au torchon – L’Epigramme

Foie gras cuit au torchon - L'Epigramme
Duck liver cooked “in a towel” (usually shaped into a log shape using cheesecloth or plastic wrap), watermelon gelee, sprouts (+3€ supplemental). Entree/Plat/Dessert option 28€
L’Epigramme, Paris FR

Like I said in a previous post, this was our favorite meal/restaurant during our trip. The place is actually really small without any sidewalk tables, but I think they can seat a few people outside in their adjacent patio. There seemed to be 5 people working here – an older man and woman along with a younger lady worked the front, and two guys worked the small kitchen which was visible from the small dining room.

The woman (probably in her 40’s?) was our waitress and she was amazing! She knew just a little more English than we knew French (which is barely anything), but she did a great job explaining all the menu items through gestures and broken English phrases, bless her! There were no paper menus, but a 3-foot tall dry erase board that she brought to the table for us to look at. Later, she had to grab the other dry erase board hanging outside the front door because there were more tables ordering. It thought that was charming. 🙂

Foie gras cuit au torchon - L'Epigramme
I’m sorry to all the animal activists, but I had to order foie gras since it’s banned in California. Ok, I’m not actually sorry, hehe. I love this stuff! What I do feel bad about was having to eat this entire thing on my own because my dining partner doesn’t like foie gras. But I was NOT about to let a good thing go to waste! It was absolutely delicious, but way too much for just one person. I thought the presentation was beautiful and the little watermelon gelee logs were super cute.

Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe, Place Charles de Gaulle. This triumphal arch commemorates the soldiers from the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. It’s a pretty magnificent sight to see!

Jake sandwich – St. Germain Bistro & Cafe

Jake sandwich St. Germain Bistro & Cafe
Chicken, tahini sauce, walnuts, tomato, spinach, carrot, and hummus on a pita. Served with a watermelon, cucumber and radish salad. $10.32
St. Germain Bistro & Cafe, Old San Juan, PUERTO RICO

This was the weirdest sandwich I’ve ever had. The combination of ingredients wasn’t necessarily bad, but the it made for a dense mass with an odd texture. I would have preferred less of the sandwich and more of the delicious watermelon salad!

Discoverer statue Plaza de Colon

“Discoverer” statue of Christopher Columbus at the Plaza de Colon. This plaza marks what I think is the entrance to the main section of Old San Juan. Most of the traffic into this area passes by this plaza on the way to the nearby hotels and restaurants. The square isn’t very large, but the pillar and statue in the middle of the square stands prominently over the neighboring buildings.

Cocktails – BB’s Crabback

Rum punch BB's Crabback

Rum punch. A classic mix of rum, fruit juice, sugar syrup and bitters, garnished with watermelon, citrus, and freshly ground nutmeg. $17 (East Caribbean dollar)

Pina colada BB's Crabback

Pina colada. Malibu, coconut ice cream and pineapple juice, garnished with dried coconut shavings. $17 (East Caribbean dollar)
BB’s Crabback, St. Georges, GRENADA

These drinks were absolutely delicious and exemplified a true vacation. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy yummy girly drinks on a warm tropical island?!

The Crenage St. Georges
The Crenage, St. Georges. Looking out toward St. George’s Inner Harbour from The Crenage, which is the road that runs along the harbour. BB’s Crabback is located at the southwestern end of The Crenage, past the last ship in the picture. There’s not much to do along this road besides dodge spice traders, but it makes for a beautiful stroll.

Fried shrimp po’boy – Brenda’s French Soul Food

Fried shrimp po' boy Brenda's French Soul Food

Cornmeal fried shrimp with lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle remoulade on a toasted French roll. Served with coleslaw and pickled watermelon. $9.75
Brenda’s French Soul Food, San Francisco

This sandwich was SO good! The shrimp were cooked perfectly and the chipotle remoulade tasted amazing. You can put that sauce over anything and it would taste good. This meal was very rich and fattening but it’s nice for an occasional treat. I definitely wouldn’t be eating this every day!

The restaurant is super popular so if you’re going during lunch, you better arrive early otherwise you’ll be waiting for a while. They’ve expanded their dining room but every table gets filled. I had to sit at the front counter the last time I went. I don’t mind that sort of thing, especially for lunch and the people next to me were friendly enough and unobtrusive.

Coleslaw Brenda's French Soul Food

Coleslaw of cabbage, carrots and red cabbage. Love that it’s not so mayonnaise! It’s nice and on the lighter side.

Pickled watermelon rinds Brenda's French Soul Food

Pickled watermelon rinds. Yummy!

Watermelon tea Brenda's French Soul Food

Sweet watermelon house tea. $2.25
So frickin’ refreshing!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010, 2011

Pan seared barramundi – Credo

Pan seared barramundi Credo
Seared Asian seabass atop a bed of mache, cubed watermelon and madarin orange wedges.  Garnished with a balsamic reduction and sprouts.

Credo, San Francisco

The bright red, yellow and green colors make this dish visually stunning.  Unfortunately, the overcooked fish was not appealing – the barramundi became dense and tough.  The dish tasted light and fresh, but the flavors didn’t pop as much as the colors.