Danish with chocolate chips – Residenza Gens Julia

Danish with chocolate chips - Residenza Gens Julia
Residenza Gens Julia, Rome ITALY

I thought this chocolate danish was really good! The mini chocolate chips were small enough to melt in the sunshine. Mmm…


Chocolate croissant – Residenza Gens Julia

Chocolate croissant - Residenza Gens Julia
With orange juice and coffee.
Residenza Gens Julia, Rome ITALY

I really liked this place! It was centrally located and the accommodations were wonderful. All the staff were super friendly, much made out stay very enjoyable. They also had a selection of pastries for breakfast. We usually just grabbed-and-go because we wanted to get out to see the sites.

E&J Wedding dinner buffet – Royal Kona Resort

E&J Wedding dinner buffet - Royal Kona Resort
Roast beef, Island chicken, Island fish, butterflied shrimp, green salad, penne salad, three bean salad, and much more!
Royal Kona Resort, Kailua-Kona HI

I don’t usually like dinner buffets at hotels/weddings, but this it was delicious and I was really surprised at all the different food items that they offered. There was SO much food that I think I only had a plate and a half (which is good for me, hehe).

Breakfast buffet – Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino

Breakfast buffet - Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino
Breakfast potatoes, bacon, scrambled eggs. Complimentary
Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino, Cupertino CA

This was gross except for the bacon! The eggs were super wet, the salsa tasted old, and the potatoes (actually, everything) was super cold. Lame. The old lady servicing the dining area was really sweet though. Slow, but sweet.

Breakfast buffet – Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel

Breakfast buffet - Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel
Shrimp dumplings, Shangahi soup dumplings, sausage, bacon, Shanghai dumplings, tomato, potato puff. Complimentary in Executive Lounge
Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel, Beijing CHINA

Final breakfast in Beijing. After a few days, I got kinda bored with the selection at the Executive Lounge, but I still appreciated that it was complimentary. 🙂

Scrambled eggs - Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel
Scrambled eggs.