Breakfast buffet – Hampton Inn & Suites

Breakfast buffet - Hampton Inn & Suites
Scrambled eggs, sausage patty, breakfast potatoes, and wheat toast. Complimentary
Hampton Inn & Suites, Redding CA

Their offerings at this Hampton Inn were pretty basic. They even had the gross scrambled eggs that feel and taste like they’ve been boiled or something. I didn’t expect much more for Redding though, lol!

Breakfast buffet – Hilton Santa Clara

Breakfast buffet - Hilton Santa Clara
Scrambled eggs topped with diced ham, red bell peppers, cheese and scallions. Sausage and breakfast potatoes. Complimentary
Hilton Santa Clara, Cupertino CA

This breakfast wasn’t very good. And the lounge was full of loud and obnoxious kids. Ugh!

Breakfast buffet – Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino

Breakfast buffet - Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino
Breakfast potatoes, bacon, scrambled eggs. Complimentary
Hilton Garden Inn Cupertino, Cupertino CA

This was gross except for the bacon! The eggs were super wet, the salsa tasted old, and the potatoes (actually, everything) was super cold. Lame. The old lady servicing the dining area was really sweet though. Slow, but sweet.

Breakfast buffet – Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel

Breakfast buffet - Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel
Shrimp dumplings, Shangahi soup dumplings, sausage, bacon, Shanghai dumplings, tomato, potato puff. Complimentary in Executive Lounge
Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel, Beijing CHINA

Final breakfast in Beijing. After a few days, I got kinda bored with the selection at the Executive Lounge, but I still appreciated that it was complimentary. 🙂

Scrambled eggs - Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel
Scrambled eggs.

Afternoon snacks – Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel

Afternoon snacks - Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel
Mortadella, salami, lox, assorted cheese, olives, capers, artichoke. Complimentary in Executive Lounge
Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel, Beijing CHINA

I’m a little sad that I ate so much at the Executive Lounge instead of exploring more of the local restaurants, but it was also nice not to spend so much on food and drinks. I really need to win the lottery so I don’t have to make these lame decisions, lol! 🙂

Dumplings - Renaissance Beijing Wangfujing Hotel
Dumplings. These were actually pretty good!

Lox sandwich – Hilton Seattle Airport

Lox sandwich - Hilton Seattle Airport
Cured salmon, scrambled eggs, red onions, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, bagel. $5.95
Hilton Seattle Airport, SeaTac WA

This sandwich was on the dry side, but it was free so I can complain too much. I liked that you got to choose items from their coffee shop for complimentary breakfast items.

Jim Bean manhattan - Hilton Seattle Airport
Jim Bean manhattan. Don’t worry, I didn’t have this for breakfast, lol! I grabbed this at the hotel bar the night before. 🙂