808 traditional tuna poke – Bonito Poke Truck

808 traditional tuna poke - Bonito Poke Truck
Tuna, ogo seaweed, onion, cashew nuts, sushi rice. $11.50
Bonito Poke Truck, San Francisco CA

This was pretty tasty. It sure was small, but I did love the flavors. I just felt sad when I ate the whole thing and was still hungry after spending 12 bucks.

House-made spam – Liholiho Yacht Club

House-made spam - Liholiho Yacht Club
Over rice with furikake, pickles, green onions, and spicy mayo.
Liholiho Yacht Club, San Francisco CA

This was good, but not my favorite. I like “real” spam because it has a soft-ish texture that is really easy to eat. This house-made spam was pretty dense and really needed some heavy chewing to bite through. I loved the flavors though.

7×7 Magazine’s Big Eat SF: 100 Things to Try Before You Die

E&J Wedding dinner buffet – Royal Kona Resort

E&J Wedding dinner buffet - Royal Kona Resort
Roast beef, Island chicken, Island fish, butterflied shrimp, green salad, penne salad, three bean salad, and much more!
Royal Kona Resort, Kailua-Kona HI

I don’t usually like dinner buffets at hotels/weddings, but this it was delicious and I was really surprised at all the different food items that they offered. There was SO much food that I think I only had a plate and a half (which is good for me, hehe).

Poke plate – Da Poke Shack

Poke plate - Da Poke Shack
4 scoops of poke, 2 sides, and 2 scoops of with rice. $25.50
Da Poke Shack, Kailua-Kona HI

Omg, this was SO good! I certainly liked some of the poke more than others (usually the more savory ones more than the sweet ones). I especially liked the baby octopus poke and the shoyu poke. I also liked the pickled clams side. Mmm, SO tasty!