Kalbi beef and spicy pork tacos – Marination Station

Kalbi beef and spicy pork tacos - Marination Station
Corn tortillas with signature slaw, homemade pickled jalapenos, toasted sesame seeds, and Nunya sauce. Each $2.75
Marination Station, Seattle WA

Yum! I loved the flavors of these tacos, but they were on the verge of being too salty. It was great to see Asian flavors in these tacos though and the toppings were delicious.

Hawaiian bbq chicken mini plate – L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Hawaiian bbq chicken mini plate - L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Served with macaroni salad and brown rice. $7.04
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, San Francisco CA

Wow, haven’t had L&L in a while but I was kinda craving their macaroni salad. Their meats tend to run on the salty side, but I guess that’s what the rice and pasta are for – to help absorb all the salt and grease.

Loco moco – L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Loco moco - L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Savory hamburger patty placed over rice, covered with brown gravy and topped with 1 egg over easy. Served with macaroni salad. Mini $5.75
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, Millbrae CA

OMG, I love loco moco! I justify ordering this by saying that at least I only buy the mini size instead of the regular, lol. L&L’s version is great and comforting. I also love their macaroni salad so it’s a win-win!

Macaroni salad - L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Macaroni salad.