Spicy pork torta – Marination Station

Spicy pork torta - Marination Station
Macrina demi-baguette with spicy pork, guacamole, nunya sauce, signature slaw, and homemade pickled peppers and onions. $8
Marination Station, Seattle WA

Wow, this sandwich was delicious! It was big and messy and packed with flavor! The spicy pork was tender and the bread was great. Noms!

Dogwood tree, Poulsbo
Dogwood tree, Poulsbo.

Loco moco – L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

Loco moco - L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Savory hamburger patty placed over rice, covered with brown gravy and topped with 1 egg over easy. Served with macaroni salad. Mini $5.75
L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, Millbrae CA

OMG, I love loco moco! I justify ordering this by saying that at least I only buy the mini size instead of the regular, lol. L&L’s version is great and comforting. I also love their macaroni salad so it’s a win-win!

Macaroni salad - L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
Macaroni salad.

Traditional breakfast – Big Island Grill

Traditional breakfast - Big Island Grill
Two island large eggs scrambled, served with corned beef hash patties and fresh fruit. $8.95
Big Island Grill, Kailua-Kona HI

I love corned beef and these patties were soft and tasty! David ordered this because it was healthier than the loco moco, but I was able to convince hime to get the corned beef patties even though they were an unhealthy choice, hehe.

Kona coffee - Big Island Grill
Kona coffee. $2.25

Old lava flows
Old lava flows, Kekaha Kai State Park.

Super loco moco – Big Island Grill

Super loco moco - Big Island Grill
The three items I chose were homemade hamburger patties, roast pork, and spam. Served on a bed of rice tropped with two eggs over medium and homemade brown gravy. $11.25
Big Island Grill, Kailua-Kona HI

Dear lord! This plate was a monster. I honestly didn’t expect it to be this large when I ordered it, partly because it was only $11.25. But I was amazed and a little queasy when I saw it, lol. It tasted amesome though and I loved the brown gravy! Thank goodness we went on a hike that day.

Super loco moco - Big Island Grill
This is how it arrived to the table, just covered in delicious gravy. Lol!

Super loco moco - Big Island Grill
And this is how it left the table. I tried my best but I couldn’t succeed in eating it all.🙂

Big Island Grill sign
Big Island Grill sign.

Onolicious pupu platter – Huggo’s on the Rocks

Onolicious pupu platter - Huggo's on the Rocks
“Bulgogi” beef, Hawaiian poke and Ka’lua pork. $16.95
Huggo’s on the Rocks, Kailua-Kona HI

Mmm, this was SO good and filling! I also liked the root vegetable chips that came with it. They were hearty and helped cut a lot of the saltiness from the proteins. I will say that my least favorite pupu was the Ka’lua pork. It was a bit on the dry side. Noms overall!

Huggo's menu cover

Huggo’s menu cover.

Oceanside view
Oceanside view from our table.

My first Hawaiian luau!

Ali'i Luau buffet
Kalua pig, teriyaki chicken, fish, purple yam, noodles, pickled vegetables, salad, braised greens, etc.
Ali’i Luau, Laie HI

During my previous trips to Hawaii, I somehow managed to avoid attending a “cheesy” luau. Well, I made it my mission to finally go to one of these popular tourist attractions during this visit and what better place to attend one than at the Polynesian Cultural Center! Their website advertises the Ali’i Luau as Hawaii’s “Most Authentic Luau”, but I’m still not convinced of its authenticity after sitting through it. It seemed pretty cheesy to me. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the experience and the chance to check a Hawaiian luau off my bucket list. The food was ok as buffet food goes, and the entertainment was enjoyable. I don’t think I’d do it again, but I would still recommend it for those who haven’t tried it.

Taro roll - Ali'i Luau
Taro roll. This was pretty good, especially slathered in butter, lol!

Ali'i Luau entrance
Entrance to the luau.

Ali'i Luau dining area
The dining area.

Ali'i Luau entertainment
Luau entertainment. The show was actually pretty long with many dancers. The little kid dancers were SO cute to watch!