Watermelon and wings – The Beauty Shop Restaurant

Watermelon and wings - The Beauty Shop Restaurant
White Szechuan pepper, sugar dust, sweet chile lime sauce, greens, toasted cashews, Maytag blue cheese. $13
The Beauty Shop Restaurant, Memphis TN

Mmm, these were so tasty! I loved the sauce on the chicken wings and the toppings were great too. I don’t think I’ve ever had chicken wings and watermelon together, but the combo was great. The wings were also super large so this dish was substantial.

Buffalo style chicken wings – Houlihan’s

Chicken wings - Houlihan's
Happy hour $7.95
Houlihan’s, Herndon VA

I loved that these wings were SO saucy, but they just weren’t very good. They were super dry and old tasting – liked they’d been frozen for a really long time. Ugh, that’s what I get for eating cheap happy hour food!