The Sizzler – BB’s Crabback

Conch BB's Crabback
(Lambi) Conch meat with BB’s own seasoning, served sizzling with a freshly-made bake (roll) and sliced cucumber, tomato, and citrus. $36 (East Caribbean dollar)
BB’s Crabback, St. Georges, GRENADA

Conch BB's Crabback
I definitely wanted to try conch during this trip to the Caribbean. I really liked this dish, but I’m not sure that I could really appreciate the conch. The seasonings were tasty, but I couldn’t taste the true conch flavor. Since I’ve never had it and don’t know much about how it’s supposed to be cooked, perhaps conch is one of those proteins that’s best suited for aggressive preparations. If that’s the case, BB’s Crabback certainly succeeded. It was noms, regardless.

St. Georges, Grenada
View of St. Georges, Grenada and towards the north. The morning started out cloudy and overcast, but as the day progressed the sun came out and warmth permeated throughout.

Signature dish – BB’s Crabback

BB's Crabback signature dish
This dish is called the BB’s Crabback. The restaurant takes it’s name from this dish, fresh crabmeat baked with exotic herbs, wine and cheese sauce and served in a crab shell with warm bake (roll). Served with a side salad and slices of cucumber, tomato, and citrus. $36 (East Caribbean dollar)
BB’s Crabback, St. Georges, GRENADA

BB's Crabback signature dish
I really like how this was plated considering the super casual feel of this restaurant. And of course, we wouldn’t be in the Spice Islands without a garnish of ground spices. The crabback was very rich, but very flavorful and the side salad and sliced vegetables helped to cut the richness. Although the portion wasn’t overly large, it was definitely filling.

Sendall Tunnel
Sendall Tunnel. After eating at the restaurant, we had to walk through this tunnel to get back to the cruise ship terminal. As you can see, it’s a tight fit. The locals seem to have no fear walking through, but I definitely clung to the walls. Lol!

Cocktails – BB’s Crabback

Rum punch BB's Crabback

Rum punch. A classic mix of rum, fruit juice, sugar syrup and bitters, garnished with watermelon, citrus, and freshly ground nutmeg. $17 (East Caribbean dollar)

Pina colada BB's Crabback

Pina colada. Malibu, coconut ice cream and pineapple juice, garnished with dried coconut shavings. $17 (East Caribbean dollar)
BB’s Crabback, St. Georges, GRENADA

These drinks were absolutely delicious and exemplified a true vacation. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy yummy girly drinks on a warm tropical island?!

The Crenage St. Georges
The Crenage, St. Georges. Looking out toward St. George’s Inner Harbour from The Crenage, which is the road that runs along the harbour. BB’s Crabback is located at the southwestern end of The Crenage, past the last ship in the picture. There’s not much to do along this road besides dodge spice traders, but it makes for a beautiful stroll.