3-piece chicken tenders combo – Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

3-piece chicken tenders combo - Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

“Handcrafted spicy tenders that pack a Louisiana punch in every bite.” With biscuit, mashed potatoes and cajun gravy, barbeque sauce, and Diet Coke. $6.99
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, San Francisco CA

Chicken tenders - Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
Nom, noms! I love Popeyes. I crave it once in a while and have to get my fix. Their chicken tenders are much larger than those at most fast food chains and that’s probably why they cost a bit more. But they’re SO worth it!

Mashed potatoes and cajun gravy - Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
And their mashed potatoes with cajun gravy is my absolute fast food favorite! I love the horrible-for-you-tasting gravy with the gristly bits, lol.


17 thoughts on “3-piece chicken tenders combo – Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

    • I guess the only fast food I had when I was in Australia a while back was an Aussie burger from Burger King. I wasn’t a fan, lol! I’ve recently had a similar burger from the fancy New Zealnd pop-up restaurant here in SF for the America’s Cup, and it was delicious. It had beets, a sunny-side-up egg, blue cheese, and cheddar cheese, NOMS!

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