Chilaquiles – Starbelly

Chilaquiles - Starbelly
House made chorizo, eggs, corn chips, chile sauce and cilantro, house salad with goat cheese and tomatoes. $12
Starbelly, San Francisco CA

Noms, this was SO good! I loved the house made chorizo and the sauteed chilies mixed into the scramble. Mmm, I’m hungry just thinking about this dish again! Definitely not an authentic chilaquiles, but it was packed with delicious flavors.

Pink 'Coral Seas' passion flowers (Passiflora jamesonii, Passifloraceae)

Pink ‘Coral Seas’ passion flowers (Passiflora jamesonii, Passifloraceae), 25th Street. These passion vines are just around the corner from my house. I don’t think the color combinations are as dramatic as some other passion flowers, but I don’t mind. The solid pink petals are stil beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Chilaquiles – Starbelly

    • I’ve never known chorizo (Mexican in this case) to have a very strong smell. Spanish chorizo is much different and isn’t smelly either. You should try both – they’re delicious!

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