Larb gai – Tara Thai

Larb gai - Tara Thai
Minced chicken, red onions, scallions, cilantro sprinkled with lime juice and spices. $6.99
Tara Thai, Herndon VA

This was ok. It wasn’t as bland as the other dishes, but it still lacked the acidity that I look for in larb gai’s. It certainly ate on the healthy side.

Chicken kapow – Tara Thai

Chicken kapow - Tara Thai
Sauteed chicken with hot chili, garlic, and fresh basil. $11.99
Tara Thai, Herndon VA

This was more flavorful than there pad thai, but it still lacked the intensity of flavor that I expect in Thai food. It made me so sad! 😦 The chicken was cooked nicely though – still tender and not overcooked.

Pad thai – Tara Thai

Pad thai - Tara Thai
Stir-fried chicken with thin rice noodles, bean curd, bean sprouts, scallions, and egg topped with peanuts. $11.99
Tara Thai, Herndon VA

This looks bland, AND it tasted bland! There was no flavor to this pad thai at all – sheesh! I’m used to Thai food that actually has flavor. This was probably one of the worst pad thai I’ve ever had. 😦