Cocktails – Quoin

Rye-min and Stealin cocktail - Quoin
Rye-min’ and Stealin’: rye, grapefruit, Campari, rose water, Peychaud’s bitters. $9
Quoin, Seattle WA

The cocktails at Quoin are good, some of them a bit overpriced in my opinion. Both drinks I tried were tasty and distinct. I really can’t choose a favorite because they were so different and hard to compare. The Rye-min’ cocktail was definitely easier to drink and was probably the “girlier” drink. I guess what made the Macho Man-hattan so manly was the scotch rinse. You could definitely taste the distinct bite especially if you’re not a regular scotch drinker. I liked it though.

Macho Man-hattan cocktail - Quoin

Macho Man-hattan: rye, Antica formula, orange bitters, Islay scotch rinse. $12

Runners statue
Runners, David Govedare 1986.

Cocktails – Tsunami

Divisadero cocktail - Tsunami
Divisadero: rye, campari, carpano, fresh orange. $10
Tsunami, San Francisco CA

Wow, I really am becoming a whiskey drinker, lol! I think my favorite of these drinks was the Tsunami Old Fashioned. It tasted great and went down smoothly.

Tsunami old fashioned - Tsunami
Tsunami Old Fashioned: bourbon, aromatic bitters, orange bitters, cane sugar, orange essence. $10

Bulleit manhattan - Tsunami
Bulleit Manhattan: bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters. $10

Cocktails – Staple & Fancy

Southern key cocktail - Staple and Fancy
Southern Key: bourbon, cointreau, bonal gentiane-quina. $9
Staple and Fancy, Seattle WA

Old pal cocktail - Staple and Fancy

Old Pal: Canadian whiskey, dry vermouth, campari. $9

Mmm, I’m really getting into different whiskey drinks. Another sign that I’m getting old, lol! These were delicious and reasonably priced.

Olympic Iliad sculpture, Alexander Liberman
Olympic Iliad sculpture, 1984, Alexander Liberman, Seattle Center. Steel cylinders painted an industrial red.

Cocktails – RN74

It was our first time here at RN74, and it’s super cute! I loved the old school train station board that lists the wine prices every hour or so. The service was great, but we were seating in a tight row of 2-tops so Silverfox got a little annoyed and claustrophobic. We tried a few of their cocktails and they were pretty good!
RN74, San Francisco

Pimm's 74 cocktail RN74

Pimm’s 74 – housemade Pimms, campari, ginger beer, prosecco. $10
This came in a huge wine glass and it was fun and fruity tasting!

Manhattan cocktail RN74

Manhattan with Maker’s Mark bourbon, vermouth. $10
Pretty tasty.

Frisco Fizz cocktail RN74

Frisco Fizz – rum, port, lemon, egg white, seltzer. $10
This was very interesting. It tasted dark, rich, and slightly sweet.