Cocktails – Tsunami

Divisadero cocktail - Tsunami
Divisadero: rye, campari, carpano, fresh orange. $10
Tsunami, San Francisco CA

Wow, I really am becoming a whiskey drinker, lol! I think my favorite of these drinks was the Tsunami Old Fashioned. It tasted great and went down smoothly.

Tsunami old fashioned - Tsunami
Tsunami Old Fashioned: bourbon, aromatic bitters, orange bitters, cane sugar, orange essence. $10

Bulleit manhattan - Tsunami
Bulleit Manhattan: bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters. $10

Hamachi stuffed shiitake – Tsunami

Hamachi stuffed shiitake - Tsunami
Tempura fried yellowtail stuffed shiitake with soy sauce, wasabi aioli and sweet chili sauce. Happy hour $6.50
Tsunami, San Francisco CA

I think this was my least favorite dish at Tsunmani. The shiitake was too thick and clunky, and the yellowtail became undiscernible against all the other flavors.