Poached eggs with wild mushrooms – Cafe Chloe

Poached eggs with wild mushrooms - Cafe Chloe
With sage-truffle beurre blanc, mixed green salad with asparagus and citrus. $12.75
Cafe Chloe, San Diego CA

Omg, another delicious brunch dish from Cafe Chloe! The sauteed wild mushrooms combined with the beurre blanc sauce and runny poached eggs created heaven on a plate. Noms!

It's Panda Monium
“It’s Panda Monium” wall graffiti, downtown San Diego.


Croque madame – Cafe Chloe

Croque madame - Cafe Chloe
French ham and gruyere with sunny egg and mornay sauce on toasted bread, mixed greens and roasted tomato. $13.75
Cafe Chloe, San Diego CA

Omg, this was amazingly delicious! I’ve had quite a few croque madames in my life and this was one of the better ones. It was flavorful, saucy, fatty, rich, and fabulous! Great job Cafe Chloe.

California Tower

View of the California Tower of the Museum of Man from Alcazar Garden, Balboa Park.

Mimosas – Cafe Chloe

Mimosas - Cafe Chloe

Pomegranate and lavendar-lemon. Each $8.75
Cafe Chloe, San Diego CA

This was a very cute brunch location with great service and awesome food. These mimosas were tasty and well balanced. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the warm morning.

Cafe Chloe sign
Cafe Chloe sign.

Red Cymbidium orchid flowers
Red Cymbidium orchid flowers (Orchidaceae), Balboa Park Botanical Building.