Wild mushroom ravioli – Eureka Restaurant and Lounge

Wild mushroom ravioli - Eureka Restaurant and Lounge
With truffled mascarpone. $18
Eureka Restaurant & Lounge, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this is true comfort food! You can’t go wrong with a delicious mushroom ravioli and the truffled mascarpone puts it over the top. I like how the truffle flavor isn’t overpowering and that you can taste and enjoy the other components. Noms!

Day break from my balcony
Another beautiful day break from my balcony.

Brunch plate 3 – Wicked Spoon Buffet

Brunch plate 3 - Wicked Spoon Buffet
Roasted beet salad with citrus and goat cheese, home made Italian sausage, goat cheese ravioli with fried sage. Brunch buffet $22
Wicked Spoon Buffet, Las Vegas NV

This was definitely a heavy plate! The beet salad was delicious and the citrus wedges helped to lighten things up. The Italian sausage tasted great, but omg, it was super fatty. The ravioli wasn’t as tasty as it looked. It was too soft and mushy and drowning in butter.