Torta cioccolato- Pesce

Torta cioccolato- Pesce
Pecan crust, dark chocolate ganache, berries, cream, sea salt. $8
Pesce, San Francisco CA

This chocolate torte was super rich and yummy. The berries and whipped cream were nice to help cut the rich chocolate, and the coarse sea salt was the perfect addition.

Castro Theatre interior
Castro Theatre interior.


Warm peach sticky bun – Town Hall

Warm peach sticky bun - Town Hall
Bourbon caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, candied pecans. $9
Town Hall, San Francisco CA

Mmm, this dessert was very tasty and the peaches were great. The sticky bun was a bit too caramelized on the bottom and hard to cut through, but all the flavors were there and the vanilla ice cream helped to soften up everything.

View of Twin Peaks

View of Twin Peaks from Noe Valley.

Pecan roll – Arizmendi Bakery

Pecan roll - Arizmendi Bakery
Bread flour, eggs, buttermilk, cream, sugar, cinnamon, raisins, brown sugar, butter, pecans, yeast, salt. $2.75
Arizmendi Bakery, San Francisco CA

Not too sweet, but utterly delicious. I’m kinda sad that I couldn’t eat it right away cause I’m sure it’s even better warm!

Noe Valley Bakery cakes

Sock monkey and magic rabbit cakes at Noe Valley Bakery, 24th Street.

Roasted baby beet salad – Trio Restaurant

Roasted baby beet salad - Trio Restaurant
Baby beets, mixed greens, pecans, blue cheese, citrus sections, balsamic vinaigrette. $9
Trio Restaurant, Palm Springs CA

You can’t really tell, but there are tiny pieces of roasted beets in there – I swear! That was another disappointing thing about this restaurant – if I’m ordering a beet salad, I think the beets should be a prominent component! Ugh!

North Palm Canyon Drive nearing sunset
North Palm Canyon Drive nearing sunset.

Confit pork cheeks – Social Wine Bar

Confit pork cheeks - Social Wine Bar
Smoked pecans, mushrooms, polenta, blackberry jus. $15
Social Wine Bar, Charleston SC

Mmm, this was a very tasty dish! The pork cheeks were super tender and flavorful and I enjoyed all the different components on the plate. The sweet blackberry jus tasted great with the hearty protein, and the pecans added some crunch against the creamy polenta. I also loved the presentation!

Strings of lights, Mad River Bar
Strings of lights, Mad River Bar. Perhaps I had too much to drink and my vision had become blurry, hehe! 🙂

Salted caramel pecan bar petite – Starbucks

Salted caramel pecan bar petite - Starbucks
Salted caramel, pecan and biscuit filling on a chewy biscuit base topped with milk Belgian chocolate and pecan pieces. Contains nuts, vegetarian. 248 calories, 4.1 g sat fat. Buy 3 or more, Eat in £1.20 each
Starbucks, London ENGLAND

We don’t have these petite bars available at U.S. Starbucks which is totally lame! The Starbucks in Europe have such better pastries, desserts, and food in general than those in the States. This was a little sweet for my taste but definitely delicious. I can’t believe they can pack almost 250 calories into this tiny morsel!

Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, London 2012 Olympics Countdown Clock
Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, London 2012 Olympics Countdown Clock. The fountains in the square are also pretty cool and they have sea-themed statues in the middle like this one with mermen and dolphins.

German chocolate cookie – Anthony’s Cookies

German chocolate cookie Anthony's Cookies

I was surprised how much I liked this flavor. I got it on a whim, but it was really good! I didn’t realize there was dried coconut inside until a few nibbles into it. Very yummy. I don’t know if all the German chocolate cookies stay chunky and upright, but I liked it. The center stayed a little undercooked and was absolutely delicious! $1.25
Anthony’s Cookies, San Francisco

Pecan sticky bun – Koffi

Pecan sticky bun Koffi

When I saw this bun in the display case, I thought it would be SO gooey and sticky sweet!  The healthy part of me was glad that is wasn’t nearly as decadent, but the other part was somewhat disappointed.  Isn’t that why you order a sticky bun in the first place?  Although it was pretty good, I wish it was a little more sinful, lol!  $2.95
Koffi, Palm Springs