Sausage egg breakfast bagel – Koffi

Sausage egg breakfast bagel - Koffi
Grilled with pepper jack cheese. $5.95
Koffi, Palm Springs CA

Mmm, this was great. I love that they press the bagel – that made all the difference.  They also include plenty of sausage. 🙂

Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie – Koffi

Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie Koffi

With nuts and coconut. $2.75
Koffi, Palm Springs

I know you can’t tell from the photo, but this is a monster cookie.  There’s no way I could have finished this cookie by myself, nor would I have wanted to (since I do have bouts of health conciousness, hehe).  So I made David eat it with me, of course.  It was delicious!

Iced coffee Koffi

Iced coffee.  Summers in Palm Springs are definitely hot so iced coffees are a must!

Pecan sticky bun – Koffi

Pecan sticky bun Koffi

When I saw this bun in the display case, I thought it would be SO gooey and sticky sweet!  The healthy part of me was glad that is wasn’t nearly as decadent, but the other part was somewhat disappointed.  Isn’t that why you order a sticky bun in the first place?  Although it was pretty good, I wish it was a little more sinful, lol!  $2.95
Koffi, Palm Springs

Pumpkin trio muffin – Koffi

Pumpkin trio muffin Koffi

With pumpkin, almonds and granola, drizzled with a sugar glaze.  $2.95
Koffi, Palm Springs

Somehow, this muffin didn’t taste absurdly unhealthy.  Maybe it’s the granola?  Perhaps I think that since it has granola, it’s somehow healthier.  Regardless, this muffin did help to fill me up before we took the Aerial Tramway up and hiked to the top of Mt. San Jacinto.  It was a great day, and perhaps the granola helped make the hike a little easier.  Hehe!

Latte Koffi