Lame attempt at hospitality – Hilton Garden Inn

Snacks - Hilton Garden Inn

We came down to the South Bay to attend a friend’s birthday and stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn because it was conveniently located to the party. OMG, this place was a disaster. The rooms are dull and boring and we were given a room with a view of their cooling system. They put out coffee and snacks in the lobby, but they don’t have any cream for the coffee and their lame oatmeal bars taste like cardboard and were as hard as a rock. I would suggest never staying here.
Hilton Garden Inn, Milpitas CA

Trashy room
Random trim that was left as a little gift on the desk. I guess the hotel is too cheap to hire maintenance people to they expect guests to install their own fixtures. *hand to forehead*

Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie – Koffi

Oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie Koffi

With nuts and coconut. $2.75
Koffi, Palm Springs

I know you can’t tell from the photo, but this is a monster cookie.  There’s no way I could have finished this cookie by myself, nor would I have wanted to (since I do have bouts of health conciousness, hehe).  So I made David eat it with me, of course.  It was delicious!

Iced coffee Koffi

Iced coffee.  Summers in Palm Springs are definitely hot so iced coffees are a must!