Citrus marinated olives – Percy’s & Co.

Citrus marinated olives - Percy's & Co.
I was really surprised at how many olives we got for only three bucks, score! They tasted great with the citrus and rosemary flavors, and I loved that it was a mixture of different olive varieties. Olives are my favorite so I’ll definitely be back for this snack. Happy hour $3
Percy’s & Co., Seattle WA

Pike Place Public Market
Pike Place Public Market sign at the corner of Pine and Pike.

Pork dip sandwich – Percy’s & Co.

Pork dip sandwich - Percy's & Co.
On baguette, sweet onion marmalade, wilted pea vines, pork jus. Happy hour $7
Percy’s & Co., Seattle WA

This sandwich was SO good! I mean who doesn’t love dipping sandwiches in delicious jus?! The pea vines were also a nice twist on greens and the onion marmalade was a great “condiment”. NOMS!

Orange squid bike rack

Orange squid bike rack, Seattle waterfront.

Beet-cured gravlax crostini – Percy’s & Co.

Beet-cured gravlax crostini - Percy's & Co.
Pickled onion, caper, parsley, cheese spread. Happy hour $3
Percy’s & Co., Seattle WA

Wow, this was both a beautiful and delicious dish! And for only three bucks! I was first struck by the amazing color of the beet-cured salmon. There was a striking ombre effect from orange to pink. All the flavors were lovely and I only regret that I didn’t order more, but we only ducked in for a quick pre-dinner happy hour.

Beautiful dawn
Eerily beautiful morning colors, Renton.

Cocktails – Percy’s & Co.

Sankey Sour cocktail - Percy's & Co.

Sankey Sour: bourbon, aperol, fresh orange juice, egg whites, angostura bitters and house made sour mix. Happy hour $8
Percy’s & Co., Seattle WA

The cocktails at Percy’s and Co. are pretty frickin’ amazing! They make all their tinctures, purees, and sour mix in house so they’re not your generic mixers. The combination of flavors in each cocktail tastes great and they’re all expertly made.

Herrick Helper cocktail - Percy's & Co.

Herrick Helper: sage infused bourbon, grapefruit juice, house made sour mix and topped with soda and fresh sage. Happy hour $6

The Eagle sculpture

The Eagle, 1971, painted steel, Alexander Calder, Olympic Sculpture Park.