Assorted macarons – Fresh Flours

Assorted macarons - Fresh Flours
Passion fruit, black currant, earl grey, chocolate, green tea, and raspberry. Each $1.35
Fresh Flours, Seattle WA

Assorted macarons - Fresh Flours
Omg, I’m in heaven! I bought a box of these to take to a family event because everybody loves macarons! My nieces and nephews can destroy these things in zero seconds flat. As macarons go, these were very good and the staff at Fresh Flours were great.

Assorted macarons - Fresh Flours

Mimosas – Zazie

Mimosas Zazie

La Groseille mimosa with black currant (front). $8
Corsica mimosa with fresh grapefruit juice (back). $8
Zazie, San Francisco

It seems silly to pay $8 for a glass of champagne with some juice added, but the mimosas at Zazie are super yummy!  I really liked the La Groseille.  The black currant was SO refreshing!

Coffee Zazie

Zazie’s organic specialty coffee. $2.95