Coffee and doughnuts – Twenty Five Lusk

Doughnuts - Twenty Five Lusk
House made brioche doughnuts, apricot creme patissiere filling, chocolate sauce. Gilt City brunch menu
Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco CA

Ugh, the doughnuts were super dry and dense! They tasted old. It’s unfortunate that the one real misstep of the meal occurred at the end. The apricot filling, however, was delicious and the chocolate sauce was rich and tasty.

Coffee - Twenty Five Lusk

Coffee service - Twenty Five Lusk
Coffee service.

Anchor Steam ale - Twenty Five Lusk

Half pint Anchor Steam ale.
Now this is my idea of a coffee and doughnut service! They randomly throw in some beer – heck yeah! 🙂

Ribeye steak and eggs – Twenty Five Lusk

Ribeye steak and eggs - Twenty Five Lusk
Two eggs poached, clamshell mushroms, hollandaise, thyme reduction. Gilt City brunch menu
Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco CA

Mmm, so good! The hollandaise sauce was a beautiful color and tasted amazing as did the thyme reduciton. The ribeye was beautifully cooked and of a decent size. This was definitely a filling dish. Noms!

Flowering maple (Abutilon pictum, Malvaceae)

Yellow flowering maple shrub (Abutilon pictum, Malvaceae), 17th Street. I love the bright, variegated leaves!

Lobster benedict – Twenty Five Lusk

Lobster benedict - Twenty Five Lusk
Poached eggs, prosciutto, sauce hollandaise, Maine lobster, arugula, English muffin. Gilt City brunch menu
Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco CA

SO nommy! I thought that they would skimp of the lobster, but there were large pieces of whole lobster in there. Mmm, I want more!

Golden Gate Bridge

Leaving the city on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Brunch freebies – Twenty Five Lusk

Assorted mini pastries - Twenty Five Lusk
Assorted mini pastries – chocolate croissant, berry muffin, and coffee cake. Gilt City brunch menu
Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco CA

Who doesn’t love freebies, yipee! They really know how to welcome guests at Twenty Five Lusk. The pastries were delicous and I love the 2 types of butter they were served with.

Banana smoothies - Twenty Five Lusk
Banana smoothies. These were a nice touch to kick off our brunch meal.

Butter and salt - Twenty Five Lusk
Butter and salt.

Brunch cocktails – Twenty Five Lusk

S.F. Yacht Club cocktail - Twenty Five Lusk

S.F. Yacht Club: vodka, grapefruit, cucumber, lemon, lime, mint. Gilt City brunch menu
Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco CA

I thought this cocktail would be more refreshing and would knock my socks off, but it didn’t. It was pretty to look at, but fell flat in the taste department which is surprising considering the great combination of ingredients.

Lusk Bloody Mary - Twenty Five Lusk

Lusk Bloody Mary: vodka, roasted tomatoes, lemon, roasted garlic, thai chili paste, aged balsamic vinegar.

Mmm, this bloddy mary delicious! I sometimes buy the daily deal certificates for restaurants I haven’t tried, and I have to say that I was really impressed with this Gilt buy for Twentry Five Lusk. We had a great time, the food was delicious (for the most part), and the service was friendly and professional. I’d definitely got back for more!

Construction stencil artwork
Construction stencil artwork, 16th Street.