Pancetta benedict – The Fat Hen

Pancetta benedict - The Fat Hen
Served with roasted new potatoes. $13.50
The Fat Hen, Seattle WA

This was pretty tasty. I loved the roasted potatoes! They were perfectly seasoned and nice and fluffy. The benedict was good too, but not the best I’ve had. I liked that the hollandaise sauce was bright and citrus-y though. The service was friendly but on the slow side.

Drip coffee - The Fat Hen
Drip coffee. $2.25

Seattle Great Wheel
Seattle Great Wheel.


Sausage, egg and cheese muffin sandwich meal – Burger King

Sausage, egg and cheese muffin - Burger King
Savory sausage, eggs, and melted American cheese inside a warm English muffin. Served with small side of hash browns and a small Seattle’s Best coffee.. $5.29
Burger King, San Francisco CA

I can’t remember the last time I was at a Burger King in the States. I don’t really like their food very much, but I was late to work and didn’t have time to eat breakfast at home so I ducked in to BK for a quick meal. The sandwich was what I expected, OK. But they do seem bigger that the sandwiches at McDonald’s though.

Hash browns - Burger King

Hash browns. These are the best part of a Burger King visit. I swear they must have MSG in them because they’re SO addictive. 🙂 But why don’t they call them tater tots? That has always confused me.

Seattle's Best coffee - Burger King

Seattle’s Best coffee. It’s super ghetto looking with the ill-fitting unbranded sleeve.

Eggs benedict – Cote

Eggs benedict - Cote
Ham and poached egg on a toasted muffin with homemade hollandaise sauce. £7.50
Cote, London ENGLAND

This tasted ok, but it was kinda cold. Cold hollandaise sauce is not appetizing to me especially when it starts congealing, ew! Actually, everything we ordered at Cote was just ok and nothing special. You win some, you lose some I guess…

Bloody mary - Cote
Bloody mary: Absolut vodka (50ml) with spicy tomato juice and celery. £3.95
Ugh, this tasted gross! It was pretty much just watered down, bland tomato juice. There was absolutely no spice (or alcohol) in there! 😦

Condiments - Cote
Condiments. Brown sauce is completely lost on me, lol!

Rugby (BT Broadband) ad
Rugby (BT Broadband) ad, King’s Cross St. Pancras station. And don’t forget to “MIND THE GAP”! 🙂

Orange mimosas – Purple Palm Restaurant

Orange mimosas - Purple Palm Restaurant

Each $12
Purple Palm Restaurant, Palm Springs CA

So I’ve mentioned that the service here was HORRIBLE, but I forgot to mention that they also overcharged us for our mimosas. The menu stated $10, but we were charged $12. We were gonna order bloody marys, but they were out of it. What?! How is that possible? Sheesh, what a disappointment!

Coffee - Purple Palm Restaurant
Coffee. $3

Mt. San Jacinto trail

Mt. San Jacinto trail.

Classic eggs benedict – Purple Palm Restaurant

Classic eggs benedict - Purple Palm Restaurant
With breakfast potatoes. $17
Purple Palm Restaurant, Palm Springs CA

I was really disappointed in this place! We had brunch reservations so we stood at the front hostess area for 10 minutes while the staff worked on 3 tables. We finally got fed up and just sat ourselves down. The wait staff was super slow and bored looking. Sheesh!

This eggs benedict was overpriced for what you got, and the hollandaise sauce was cold. Probably because it took forever to get it out to us. Lame – get your act together Puple Palm!

Colony Palms Hotel pool
View from our table of the Colony Palms Hotel pool area.

Lobster benedict – Twenty Five Lusk

Lobster benedict - Twenty Five Lusk
Poached eggs, prosciutto, sauce hollandaise, Maine lobster, arugula, English muffin. Gilt City brunch menu
Twenty Five Lusk, San Francisco CA

SO nommy! I thought that they would skimp of the lobster, but there were large pieces of whole lobster in there. Mmm, I want more!

Golden Gate Bridge

Leaving the city on the Golden Gate Bridge.

California benedict – Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs

California benedict - Peg's Glorified Ham N Eggs
Glorified eggs benedict with turkey, avocado, tomato, and hollandaise. Served with fruit. $11.99
Peg’s Glorified Ham N Eggs, Reno NV

This was also gross. The hollandaise had a weird texture and flavor and the avocado had a moldy black section. The deli turkey didn’t really add anything to the dish. I liked the fruit I guess.

Mount Rose Summit Trail
Beginning of the Mount Rose Summit Trail. The summit looks SO far away!

Ham and eggs – Big Ed’s Alley Inn

Ham and eggs - Big Ed's Alley Inn
Ham steak with scrambled eggs, served with home fries and an English muffin. $9.25
Big Ed’s Alley Inn, Reno NV

This is definitely a greasy spoon! Now I’m a huge fan of greasy spoons, but not by this one. While the service was super friendly and accomodating, the food was really low quality and SUPER greasy even for my taste. The home fries were also overcooked and dry, and the English muffin was drenched in butter.

Big Ed's Restaurant sign
Big Ed’s Restaurant sign.

Waxy checkerbloom (Sidalcea glaucescens, Malvaceae)
Pink waxy checkerbloom flower (Sidalcea glaucescens, Malvaceae), Mount Rose Summit Trail.

Fried egg sandwich – Universal Cafe

Fried egg sandwich - Universal Cafe
House-made sourdough English muffin, house-made porchetta, spicy tomato confit, yellow cheddar, mixed greens salad. $14.50
Universal Cafe, San Francisco CA

When the side salad is the best part of your meal, there’s something wrong. The housemade English muffin was dense, doughy and undercooked, the tomato confit was on the sour side, and the porchetta was too fatty and extremely difficult to chew.

Sugar salt and pepper - Universal Cafe
Sugar, salt and pepper.

Random house vent, Noe Street
Random house vent, Noe Street. I really liked the color combination of this house.

Egg sandwich – Mission Beach Cafe

Egg sandwich - Mission Beach Cafe
Roasted tomato, caramelized onion, aged cheddar, garlic aioli and arugula on toasted English muffin, yukon gold potatoes. $9
Mission Beach Cafe, San Francisco CA

This sandwich may look small and normal, but the ingredients were super rich that it made the sandwich filling enough for one person. Because I had also ordered a side of biscuits and gravy, I couldn’t finish the sandwich by myself. The melted aged cheddar over the roasted tomato and caramelized onions was particularly delicious.

San Francisco themed mural, 21st Street, The Mission
San Francisco themed mural, 21st Street, The Mission. This colorful mural depicts many things and people found in The City.

Dungeness crab and bay shrimp benedict – Mission Beach Cafe

Dungeness crab and bay shrimp benedict - Mission Beach Cafe
Two poached eyes, guacamole and citrus hollandaise on toasted English muffins, yukon gold potatoes. $15
Mission Beach Cafe, San Francisco CA

I’d say the best parts of this dish were the citrus hollandaise and potatoes. Sadly, the small pieces of seafood got lost in the guacamole, hollandaise and runny egg yolk.

Crazy eyed lion statue, Noe Street

Crazy eyed lion statue, Noe Street. This is a pretty popular lion statue found in front of many homes in San Francisco, but this house added funny eyeballs to theirs, hehe.