Breakfast sandwich – Big Ed’s Alley Inn

Breakfast sandwich - Big Ed's Alley Inn
Bacon, eggs, cheese and mayo of white bread. Served with home fries. $8.95
Big Ed’s Alley Inn, Reno NV

I think this just about gave me a heart attack, lol! The sandwich bread was definitely grilled on the same area on the grill where the bacon and eggs where first cooked. And that healthy slathering of mayo just about stopped my heart. If I was younger, I’d say this was awesome but sadly I’m getting old and have to admit that this was a bit too greasy and fatty for me…

Coffee - Big Ed's Alley Inn


D Bar M Western Store sign
D Bar M Western Store sign, E 4th Street.

Ham and eggs – Big Ed’s Alley Inn

Ham and eggs - Big Ed's Alley Inn
Ham steak with scrambled eggs, served with home fries and an English muffin. $9.25
Big Ed’s Alley Inn, Reno NV

This is definitely a greasy spoon! Now I’m a huge fan of greasy spoons, but not by this one. While the service was super friendly and accomodating, the food was really low quality and SUPER greasy even for my taste. The home fries were also overcooked and dry, and the English muffin was drenched in butter.

Big Ed's Restaurant sign
Big Ed’s Restaurant sign.

Waxy checkerbloom (Sidalcea glaucescens, Malvaceae)
Pink waxy checkerbloom flower (Sidalcea glaucescens, Malvaceae), Mount Rose Summit Trail.