Eggs benedict – Cote

Eggs benedict - Cote
Ham and poached egg on a toasted muffin with homemade hollandaise sauce. £7.50
Cote, London ENGLAND

This tasted ok, but it was kinda cold. Cold hollandaise sauce is not appetizing to me especially when it starts congealing, ew! Actually, everything we ordered at Cote was just ok and nothing special. You win some, you lose some I guess…

Bloody mary - Cote
Bloody mary: Absolut vodka (50ml) with spicy tomato juice and celery. £3.95
Ugh, this tasted gross! It was pretty much just watered down, bland tomato juice. There was absolutely no spice (or alcohol) in there! 😦

Condiments - Cote
Condiments. Brown sauce is completely lost on me, lol!

Rugby (BT Broadband) ad
Rugby (BT Broadband) ad, King’s Cross St. Pancras station. And don’t forget to “MIND THE GAP”! 🙂

Full English breakfast – Cote

Full English breakfast - Cote
Two free range eggs, bacon, pork sausage, tomato, mushrooms and toast. £7.50
Cote, London ENGLAND

This was our first breakfast in London this time around and I was not impressed. My eggs were overdone; I asked for over-medium. Is that an American thing and that’s why I can’t get it properly cooked anywhere else? If I knew, I would just order my eggs scrambled or poached. I also haven’t gotten used to English bacon and the weird squishy sausages they have here. I really don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because the food was decent, but after having eaten in Paris for the previous days this was a bit lackluster. 🙂

Wheat toast and butter - Cote
Wheat toast and butter.

Black Dog Campaign statue
Black Dog Campaign statue, Soho Square. Our hotel was in the West End so it was great to be near this quaint green space.