Roasted beet and tangerine salad – Radio Africa & Kitchen

Roasted beet and tangerine salad - Radio Africa & Kitchen
With arugula and spiced red walnuts. Mushroom wot with mustard greens and smoked cheese. Pre fixe menu
Radio Africa & Kitchen, San Francisco CA

I love roasted beets and this salad had a awesome combination of flavors and textures. It was super refreshing and delicious. I’ve never had Ethiopian wot before, but this mushroom wot reminded me of an Italian crostini. It tasted great!

Red wine - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Red wine.

de Young Museum
de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park.

Hella-peno burger munchie meal – Jack in the Box

Hella-peno burger munchie meal - Jack in the Box
Beef patty topped with American cheese, stuffed jalapenos, mayo-onion sauce and ketchup on a sesame seed bun. Served with two tacos, fries and medium Diet Coke. $6
Jack in the Box, San Francisco CA

OK people, don’t judge me – LOL! We had just driven back to the city from a gala fundraiser up in Marin County where they didn’t serve very much food, so I was STARVING! We walked in and my eyes immediately fell on the promotional sign for the Hella-peno burger. I had to try it! The burger was pretty lame, but it filled me up and it came with tacos, fries and a drink – all for six bucks so I’m not gonna complain. This makes me a bad person. 🙂

Seagull at the Ferry Building
Seagull at the Ferry Building.

Sausage, egg and cheese muffin sandwich meal – Burger King

Sausage, egg and cheese muffin - Burger King
Savory sausage, eggs, and melted American cheese inside a warm English muffin. Served with small side of hash browns and a small Seattle’s Best coffee.. $5.29
Burger King, San Francisco CA

I can’t remember the last time I was at a Burger King in the States. I don’t really like their food very much, but I was late to work and didn’t have time to eat breakfast at home so I ducked in to BK for a quick meal. The sandwich was what I expected, OK. But they do seem bigger that the sandwiches at McDonald’s though.

Hash browns - Burger King

Hash browns. These are the best part of a Burger King visit. I swear they must have MSG in them because they’re SO addictive. 🙂 But why don’t they call them tater tots? That has always confused me.

Seattle's Best coffee - Burger King

Seattle’s Best coffee. It’s super ghetto looking with the ill-fitting unbranded sleeve.

Double double burger “loaded” – In-N-Out Burger

Double double burger loaded - In-N-Out Burger
Two 100% pure beef patties, lettuce, tomato, spread, two slices of American cheese on a freshly baked bun.  “Animal style” with extra spread, pickles, and grilled onions. “With chopped chilies” adds slices of spicy yellow pickled chili peppers. And I also requested a side of peppers, lol. $3.40
In-N-Out Burger, Millbrae CA

OK, so I ordered this double double burger “animal style with chopped chilies”. Omg, it was huge and amazing!!! My co-worker recently told me about the chilies option on their hidden menu. Well I love spicy peppers so I thought I’d give it a try. This burger definitely filled me up, and it was messy and fabulous. The yellow chilies actually had some kick too! I was expecting mild pepperoncini slices, but these had some heat to them. Oh, how I love you In-N-Out!

Red zinnia flowers

Red zinnia flowers (Asteraceae), West Field Road.

Big King meal deal – Burger King

Big King meal deal - Burger King
Big King hamburger with 2 flame grilled beef patties, crispy lettuce, sliced onions, pickles, American cheese and Big King sauce. Meal with small fries and small Diet Coke. £3.99
Burger King, London ENGLAND

I guess BK in London has a different “King of the Day” sandwich for each day of the week. Mondays are Big King cheeseburger days! The burger seems much smaller than how the product description on their website reads. Hmm… It tasted like Burger King though! Sometimes fast food chains taste differently in other countries, but even the ketchup tasted the same here.

Video and neon displays of Picadilly Circus
Video and neon displays of Picadilly Circus. Not quite Times Square but it’s still cute. Love the red double decker bus in the pic.

Cheeseburger and sweet potato fries – Gott’s Roadside

Project 365: Day 38

Had a slow and lazy morning – perfect! Went down to the Ferry Building to get some food and peruse the Farmers’ Market. Ended up at Gott’s for a heavier-than-I-wanted-but-sinfully-delicious lunch. I hit the gym afterward and it felt good after eating burgers. Now doing laundry and general cleaning before meeting friends for drinks and dinner later. My life is SO difficult, lol!

Cheeseburger and sweet potato fries Gott's Roadside

Fresh ground Niman Ranch beef patty cooked medium well, a little pink inside when served with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a secret sauce on a toasted egg bun. $7.99
Chili spice-dusted sweet potato fires served with house-made ranch sauce. $3.99
Gott’s Roadside, San Francisco

This was SO good! The burger was tender and juicy and I love their secret sauce. It kinda tastes like a nicer version of Thousand Island. Some people don’t like egg buns because it has a propensity to soak up too much juice and get soggy, but I like them! I think the soak-age helps concentrate the flavors, lol! The sweet potato fries are thinner than most, but very crispy and flavorful. The house-made ranch is pretty delicious which is dangerous because I end up eating the whole thing!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2010

Double double burger animal style – In-N-Out Burger

Double double animal style In-N-Out Burger

Two 100% pure beef patties, lettuce, tomato, spread, two slices of American cheese on a freshly baked bun.  Animal style with extra spread, pickles, and grilled onions. $3.30
In-N-Out Burger, Millbrae CA

Ok, I went back and I wasn’t even on a road trip. I really can’t keep away from In-N-Out! I get a craving and I gotsta have me some! I was particularly hungry this time around so I reverted back to order my old standby, lol!

Diet Coke In-N-Out Burger

Medium Diet Coke. $1.55