Seascape Strawberry – Scream Sorbet

Seascape Strawberry Scream Sorbet
Wholesome sorbet with just 2 ingredients! Rodriguez Ranch organic Seascape strawberries and sugar. Petite cup $3
Scream Sorbet, San FranciscoThe deep, almost neon-y color of this sorbet was absolutely beautiful, and the strawberry flavor was rich and spectacular!  What wasn’t so great was the price.  I ordered a $3 petite cup and it was definitely PETITE!  The pic looks deceiving, but the amount of sorbet in this tiny cup was about a large spoonful.  Don’t get me wrong, I buy organic and enjoy living a healthy lifestyle but I draw the line at spending $3 on a spoonful of sorbet.  I’m glad I tasted Scream Sorbet but next time I’ll buy a cup of fresh, organic strawberries instead.

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