Pork belly steamed bun – Chairman Bao Truck

Pork belly steamed bun - Chairman Bao Truck
Tender pork belly, turmeric pickled daikon, green shiso. $3.75
Chairman Bao Truck, San Francisco CA

Noms! This is still by favorite item from the Chairman Truck! The glaze on the pork belly is absolutely amazing – it’s salty and caramel-y and SO yummy. I love the turmeric pickled daikon and the steamed bun is always pillowy soft.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011, 2012, 2014

Spicy soft shell crawfish maki – Sushi Ran

Spicy soft shell crawfish maki - Sushi Ran
Cucumber, seven types of Japanese spice, umami tobiko, spicy crab and shiso. $13.50
Sushi Ran, Sausalito CA

Spicy soft shell crawfish maki - Sushi Ran
I thought this sushi roll was really fun and delicious! I’d never had crawfish sushi before. The crawfish was cute and crunchy and I loved the umami tobiko and shiso. This roll had so many great flavors, noms!

Chopsticks - Sushi Ran
I’m so glad that they don’t use cheap wouldn’t chopsticks. 🙂

5 color sushi bowl – Island Gourmet Markets

5 color sushi bowl - Island Gourmet Markets
Ahi, salmon, yellowtail?, imitation crab, spicy tuna, avocado, shiso, pickled ginger, wasabi. $6.85
Island Gourmet Markets, Waikoloa HI

I’m amazed at how much better the grocery store sushi is in Hawaii than in California. And it’s cheaper! We’re getting robbed on the mainland!

Makalawena Beach
Taking in some sun at Makalawena Beach, Kekaha Kai State Park.

South Carolina peaches – McCrady’s Restaurant

South Carolina peaches - McCrady's Restaurant
Shiso biscuit, peach cream and sorbet. 4 course dinner $60
McCrady’s Restaurant, Charleston SC

South Carolina peaches - McCrady's Restaurant
This was a wonderful way to end a marvelous meal! Since I totally ordered on the “heavy” side for the previous courses, this light and refreshing dessert was just what I needed. The shiso biscuit and leaves were delightful and tasted great with the peaches and sorbet. Mmm, noms!

Window planter with leopard plant (Ligularia sp., Asteraceae)

Beautiful window planter with a hardy leopard plant (Ligularia sp., Asteraceae). This planter was a few doors down from McCrady’s and the Ligularia was absolutely stunning with it’s large, shiny green leaves and small yellow composite flowers.

Meyer lemon cremeaux – RN74

Meyer lemon cremeaux RN74

With pistachio streusel, kaffir lime meringue, citrus wedges, coconut-shiso sorbet, micro Thai basil. New Year four-course tasting menu $80
RN74, San Francisco

I enjoyed this dessert very much. It was very different and fresh tasting. I think my favorite components were the kaffir lime meringues and the cremeaux. It was mostly citrus flavors but the pistachio streusel helped to neutralize the acidity. I’m still on the fence about the coconut-shiso sorbet. Maybe that was a little too out there for me. Perhaps the flavor wasn’t intense enough so it faded into the background.

Coffee RN74

Coffee. $3.50 per cup. Very cute service.

Stir-fried pork jowl and winter radishes – Mission Chinese Food

Project 365: Day 41

Happy Valentine’s Day! Silverfox dropped by after work last night and dropped of a beautiful vase of roses, aw! They’re absolutely beautiful and you can view them below. Tonight we are having dinner at Fish & Farm. It’ll be our first time dining there so I’m pretty excited. We looked at a few other restaurants and all of them seem to be doing a pre fixe, and some of them a little too spendy for us right now. Fish & Farm’s pre fixe includes 4 courses and a glass of champagne for $75 per person. Not too bad.

Stir-fried pork jowl and winter radishes Mission Chinese Food

With fermented black bean, mint, red perilla, served with steamed rice. $11
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

Red perilla refers to some of the greens (or reds, hehe) in this dish. (Most of the green you see is actually the radish tops though.) They’re also known as red shiso and these appear to be young sprouts. This dish was very tasty! It had a pungent odor from the radishes and leaves which was somehow familiar to me. The porl jowl, although super fatty, were so good and the whole dish was warm and comforting. Perfect for the cold weather.

Stir-fried pork jowl and winter radishes Mission Chinese Food

SO good!


Roses from my lovey!