Spicy soft shell crawfish maki – Sushi Ran

Spicy soft shell crawfish maki - Sushi Ran
Cucumber, seven types of Japanese spice, umami tobiko, spicy crab and shiso. $13.50
Sushi Ran, Sausalito CA

Spicy soft shell crawfish maki - Sushi Ran
I thought this sushi roll was really fun and delicious! I’d never had crawfish sushi before. The crawfish was cute and crunchy and I loved the umami tobiko and shiso. This roll had so many great flavors, noms!

Chopsticks - Sushi Ran
I’m so glad that they don’t use cheap wouldn’t chopsticks. 🙂


Kurobuta pork short rib – Sushi Ran

Kurobuta pork short rib - Sushi Ran
Potato-garlic puree, spring pea relish, ginger. $11
Sushi Ran, Sausalito CA

OMG, I’m in love with this dish! The short rib was SO flavorful and it just melted in your mouth. The potatoes were also delicious as was the pea relish. More please!

Fruit and granola cups
Fruit and granola cups, Marin Farmers Market.

Moriawase sushi – Sushi Ran

Moriawase sushi - Sushi Ran
AAA grade big eye tuna, yellow tail, king salmon, tai(?), blue prawn, kani. $19.50
Sushi Ran, Sausalito CA

Moriawase sushi - Sushi Ran
Mmm, the raw fish at Sushi Ran is SO fresh and delicious! I’m glad that we ordered this chef’s choice of nigiri, NOMS!

Marin County Civic Center
Marin County Civic Center, the last commission by Frank Lloyd Wright, San Rafael.