Pugon roasted asado – Panciteria Lido

Pugon roasted asado - Panciteria Lido
Sizzling pork asado with onion, garlic, chives, plum and taosi sauce. 285 PHP
Panciteria Lido, Manila PHILIPPINES

This dish was SO DISGUSTING – it tasted like ass! The pork was really tough and dry and it was super hard to chew through. The combination of flavors from the rub and sauces tasted like old, wet dirty laundry. I guess this place specializes in this roasted pork so I don’t know if we just got a really bad batch but it sucked. If this is what it’s supposed to taste like then I’m really surprised that this chain remains open. GROSS!

Place setting - Panciteria Lido
Place setting.

Kalesa horse drawn carriage
Kalesa, horse drawn carriage, this one in the Intramuros.

9 thoughts on “Pugon roasted asado – Panciteria Lido

  1. LOL … “tasted like ass.” my initial reaction to the pic was “wow … that looks good” (I love sizzling beef plates), but your comments were excellent and hilarious. Never judge a book (or a dish) by its cover, I guess!

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