Torte and bunuelos- Tinto

Torte and bunuelos- Tinto
With vanilla bean ice cream. Chef’s tasting $45
Tinto, Palm Springs CA

I wasn’t excited about dessert because I was SO full from the chef’s tasting. Well thank goodness because these dessert weren’t very good. They seemed like ordinary hotel-type dessert made in large production. Pretty lame.

The Saguaro Hotel
The Saguaro Hotel.


Desserts – Tinto

Bunuelos - Tinto
Bunuelos: donuts, date jam, spiced honey, date-olive oil ice cream. Summer prix-fixe menu $38
Tinto, Palm Springs CA

Mmm, I love bunuelos! These were pretty good and I enjoyed the date-olive oil ice cream too!

Chocolate flourless cake - Tinto
Chocolate flourless cake, chocolate mousse, passion fruit sorbet.

I think this was just a little too rich for me after a large meal. I couldn’t only eat a few bites before I had to quit. The flavors were good though.

Pink crown of thorns flowers
Pink crown of thorns flowers (Euphorbia milii, Euphorbiaceae).