Meyer lemon huckleberry donut – Dynamo Donuts

Meyer lemon huckleberry donut - Dynamo Donuts
Meyer lemon base glazed with huckleberry. $3
Dynamo Donuts and Coffee, San Francisco CA

I chose this donut because of the beautiful, pink huckleberry glaze. I also love lemon flavored pastries so this donut was a winner all around! Dynamo Donuts makes some mighty fine donuts for sure!

SF Giant's baseball game, AT&T Park
SF Giant’s baseball game, AT&T Park.

Candied orange blossom donut – Dynamo Donuts

Candied orange blossom donut - Dynamo Donuts
Donut with candied orange zest, topped with an orange blossom glaze and drizzled with bittersweet chocolate. $2
Dynamo Donuts and Coffee, San Francisco CA

Dynamo Donuts has got to be my favorite donut shop in The City. It’s a walkable distance from my house and provides the perfect weekend morning treat. This candied orange blossom donut was very tasty!

Scented 'Lady Plymouth' geranium flower (Pelargonium graveolens, Geraniaceae)
Scented ‘Lady Plymouth’ geranium flower (Pelargonium graveolens, Geraniaceae), Noe Street. This beautiful plant is in a cute wash basin planter near my gym. I love its light, variegated leaves and small pink flowers.

Lemon pistachio donut – Dynamo Donuts

Lemon pistachio Dynamo Donuts

Pistachio donut with lemon zest, lemon icing and toasted pistachios. $3
Dynamo Donuts and Coffee, San Francisco

I think this is the first time I’ve ever had this flavor combination in anything, and now I’m a huge fan!  They tasted great together and the donut was simply perfect.  The sugar glaze and pistachios added a great crunch, and while the lemon flavor was less pronounce it was very good.  This donut was fluffy, light and yummy – noms!

Coffee Dynamo Donuts

Small coffee.  $2.25

Bacon maple apple donut – Dynamo Donuts

Bacon maple apple donut Dynamo Donuts
This decadent donut is studded with bacon and apples sauteed in bacon fat.  It’s topped with a maple glaze and more crispy bacon.
Dynamo Donuts and Coffee, San Francisco

I first read about this sinful morsel while scouring the SF food blogs and instantly knew that I should try one!  It’s the perfect combination of savory and sweet.  The bacon bits add a great flavor and texture to a donut that would be overly sweet from the apples and generous maple glaze.  The dough itself is light and airy, and the donut simply melts in your mouth.  I’ve tried other flavors at Dynamo, but this remains a favorite!

Philharmonic Philz Coffee
The Philharmonic coffee from Philz Coffee tastes great with this donut. Actually, Philz coffee tastes great with anything! Lol.