Fort Bragg sea urchin – Jardiniere

Fort Bragg sea urchin - Jardiniere
Chicken skin, peas, pasta. Tasting menu $140
Jardiniere, San Francisco CA

Omg, this was probably one of my favorite dishes of the night! It was so delicious and the uni was smooth and luscious. The simple pasta lightly coated with a creamy sauce with peas was heavenly and the crispy chicken skin pieces were fun and tasty.

California scorpionweed
California scorpionweed (Phacelia californica, Boraginaceae), Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve.

Yaki omusubi – Izakaya Yuzuki

Yaki omusubi - Izakaya Yuzuki
Grilled rice ball with uni and watercress soy butter sauce. Tasting menu
Izakaya Yuzuki, San Francisco CA

Hmm, I don’t think this was one of my favorited dishes. The grilled rice tasted great and had a strong flavor, but one that sadly over-powered the uni. I think that uni should be prominent if you’re going to include it in a dish since the ingredient is so delicate, but it just got lost in this one.

Salvia Dancing Dolls

Pink and white Salvia ‘Dancing Dolls’ flowers (Lamiaceae), 18th Street.

Hamachi and uni nigiri – Tokkuri Tei

Hamachi and uni nigiri - Tokkuri Tei
Yellowtail over rice. 2 pcs $7
Sea urchin over rice and wrapped in seaweed. 2 pcs $12
Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu HI

I have mixed feelings about this restaurant. I felt that the service was nice, a bit slow, but the sushi wasn’t that good. I expected fresher sushi in Hawaii. The hamachi was good, but the uni didn’t taste good to me. I’m not an uni expert, but I’ve had it here and there. This sea urchin didn’t taste right though! Ew!

Kirin light beer - Tokkuri Tei
Kirin light beer. $3.75

Island signs
Island signs, Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie.

Sea urchin and Dungeness crab parfait – RN74

Sea urchin and Dungeness crab parfait RN74

With avocado, green apple, pistachio, trout roe. $10 supplement. New Year four-course tasting menu $80
RN74, San Francisco

I think there’s also pea shoots in there! This was very good and very different. Most of the textures were soft and creamy, but the crisp apples were a nice contrast. The avocado was almost like a mouse and they put it on the bottom of the bowl. The sea urchin tasted clean and fresh and the trout roe added a little saltiness. Very tasty!

Sea urchin and Dungeness crab parfait RN74