Kilauea roll – Tokkuri Tei

Kilauea roll - Tokkuri Tei
California roll with spicy tuna on top, sweet and sour sauce, tempura flakes. $18
Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu HI

Kilauea is a volcano on the island of Hawaii so they stacked this sushi roll to resemble it – pretty creative. The reddish spicy tuna on top even mimics flowing lava. It tasted pretty good but I’m not sure it was worth eighteen bucks. The spicy tuna had a slimy, squishy texture that I didn’t particularly enjoy.

Light-covered palm trees

Light-covered palm trees, Kapahulu Avenue.


Spicy scallop roll – Tokkuri Tei

Spicy scallop roll - Tokkuri Tei
Scallop mixed with masago and spicy mayonnaise. Uramaki (inside-out) $9.50
Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu HI

Mmm! It’s a bit sad that one of the better rolls we had here was a simple spicy scallop roll. Some of the other items weren’t so fresh tasting, but maybe the spicy mayonnaise helped to cover up the old flavor. Who knows? I still enjoyed it.

Garbage container, Waikiki Beach
Garbage container painted with Philodendron leaves, Waikiki Beach.

Hamachi and uni nigiri – Tokkuri Tei

Hamachi and uni nigiri - Tokkuri Tei
Yellowtail over rice. 2 pcs $7
Sea urchin over rice and wrapped in seaweed. 2 pcs $12
Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu HI

I have mixed feelings about this restaurant. I felt that the service was nice, a bit slow, but the sushi wasn’t that good. I expected fresher sushi in Hawaii. The hamachi was good, but the uni didn’t taste good to me. I’m not an uni expert, but I’ve had it here and there. This sea urchin didn’t taste right though! Ew!

Kirin light beer - Tokkuri Tei
Kirin light beer. $3.75

Island signs
Island signs, Polynesian Cultural Center, Laie.