Kilauea roll – Tokkuri Tei

Kilauea roll - Tokkuri Tei
California roll with spicy tuna on top, sweet and sour sauce, tempura flakes. $18
Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu HI

Kilauea is a volcano on the island of Hawaii so they stacked this sushi roll to resemble it – pretty creative. The reddish spicy tuna on top even mimics flowing lava. It tasted pretty good but I’m not sure it was worth eighteen bucks. The spicy tuna had a slimy, squishy texture that I didn’t particularly enjoy.

Light-covered palm trees

Light-covered palm trees, Kapahulu Avenue.


2 thoughts on “Kilauea roll – Tokkuri Tei

  1. I like the idea of the texture the tempura flakes will add to the dish. Styling it after a volcano is smart, because if the presentation is a little messy the staff can claim it looks like a messy volcano eruption.

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