Poire belle Helene – Le P’tit Laurent

Poire belle Helene - Le P'tit Laurent
Poached pear with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream. $7.50
Le P’tit Laurent, San Francisco CA

This was the perfect dessert to end our meal. It wasn’t too sugary sweet and it had a great firm texture. And how can you go wrong with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce?!

Large chalk lettuce
Large chalk lettuce (Dudleya lulverulenta, Crassulaceae), West Field Road.

Jarret d’agneau braise et blettes – Le P’tit Laurent

Jarret d'agneau braise et blettes - Le P'tit Laurent
Lamb shank braised for six hours, swiss chard, rosemary sauce. $24
Le P’tit Laurent, San Francisco CA

This was super rich and flavorful. The lamb was oh so tender and pretty much fell apart upon touching. The rosemary sauce was delicious and worked wonderfully with the earthy lamb.

Giant Camera Obscura
Giant Camera Obscura, Point Lobos Avenue.

Lapin facon Normande – Le P’tit Laurent

Lapin facon Normande - Le P'tit Laurent
Rabbit Normandy served with roasted potatoes and onions. $28
Le P’tit Laurent, San Francisco CA

Omg, I’m in love with this dish! The rabbit was so tender and the sauce was perfection. It had SO much flavor and depth that I couldn’t stop eating. I can’t wait for my Paris trip this summer to try the real deal!

Pink seaside daisy
Pink seaside daisy (Erigeron glaucus, Asteraceae), Ocean Beach, Great Highway.

Salade frisee aux lardons – Le P’tit Laurent

Salade frisee aux lardons - Le P'tit Laurent
Frisee salad with bacon and poached egg, croutons, sherry vinaigrette. $11
Le P’tit Laurent, San Francisco CA

This salad was very tasty! I loved the poached egg and the crunchy croutons. Perhaps some people would think this salad was a bit tart from the sherry vinaigrette but I enjoyed its brightness.

Pinot Noir - Le P'tit Laurent

Pinot Noir, Tarrica, Monterrey, CA, 2011. Bottle $34
Mmm, nice and peppery!

Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach, Great Highway.

Roquette salade – Le P’tit Laurent

Roquette salade - Le P'tit Laurent
Arugula salad with red beet and goat cheese, lemon mustard dressing. $8
Le P’tit Laurent, San Francisco CA

This is such a cute restaurant and the service was very friendly and attentive! Everything we had was very tasty, but I’ll admit that this salad was over-dressed. It tasted great, but there was way too much dressing so the greens were soggy.

Baguette and butter - Le P'tit Laurent
Baguette and butter. Complimentary

Purple iris flowers
Purple iris flowers (Iridaceae), West Field Road.