Honey poached pears – Radio Africa & Kitchen

Honey poached pears - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Chocolate, citron cream and berries. Pre fixe menu
Radio Africa & Kitchen, San Francisco CA

This was a delicious, simple dessert! I loved the flavors of this dish and the fact that it wasn’t too sweet. The rich, dense chocolate torte was sliced thinly enough so that it didn’t weigh down the other components. Noms!

Rose wine - Radio Africa & Kitchen
Rose wine.

Poison oak
Poison oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum, Anacardiaceae), Bon Tempe Lake.

Mixed berry pie in a jar – Chile Pies

Mixed berry pie in a jar - Chile Pies
With whipped cream. $5.50
Chile Pies, San Francisco CA

This was really tasty and I felt less guilty eating it because it didn’t have all that pie crust, and I believe it was even gluten free! And who can resist freshly whipped cream?! Noms!

Berry sangria – Taco Mamacita

Berry sangria - Taco Mamacita
Only available on Sundays. Carafe $7.50
Taco Mamacita, Sullivan’s Island SC

Yum, this was really tasty and oh so refreshing for a lazy Sunday. I liked that they used this crushed ice because it gave the sangria a consistency similar to an Icee. The berry flavor was also really nice, double-yum!

Sullivan's Island beach
Sullivan’s Island beach. The beach here was really odd to me – it was very different from the beaches I’m used to in California. The sand was hard and packed down and it was super windy. Apparently, it’s dangerous to go into the water after a storm because of all the jellyfish that become washed up close to shore.