General Homeboy & Blackened mahi tacos – Taco Mamacita

General Homeboy & Blackened Mahi tacos - Taco Mamacita
Any two tacos and a side $8.99
General Homeboy (on right): panko breaded shrimp with a sweet Thai chili sauce, shredded cabbage, sliced radish, green onion and cilantro, served spicy. Side of Mexican street corn.
Taco Mamacita, Sullivan’s Island SC

General Homeboy & Blackened Mahi tacos - Taco Mamacita
Blackened Mahi (on left): grilled blackened mahi mahi with jalapeno corn slaw, grilled pineapple, cilantro, diced tomatoes and baja sauce.

After eating many tacos from The Mission (SF), I will say that these weren’t authentic at all (which is fine). They were, however, on the small side and lacked bold flavors considering the ingredients used. I’m used to tacos that are overflowing with meats and toppings, and while these tacos tasted OK, I’ll have to say that the flavors at The Taco Spot were better. On a more positive note, the Mexican street corn was delicious!

Berry sangria – Taco Mamacita

Berry sangria - Taco Mamacita
Only available on Sundays. Carafe $7.50
Taco Mamacita, Sullivan’s Island SC

Yum, this was really tasty and oh so refreshing for a lazy Sunday. I liked that they used this crushed ice because it gave the sangria a consistency similar to an Icee. The berry flavor was also really nice, double-yum!

Sullivan's Island beach
Sullivan’s Island beach. The beach here was really odd to me – it was very different from the beaches I’m used to in California. The sand was hard and packed down and it was super windy. Apparently, it’s dangerous to go into the water after a storm because of all the jellyfish that become washed up close to shore.

Chips and mango salsa – Taco Mamacita

Chips and mango salsa - Taco Mamacita
Tortilla chips served with house-made mango salsa. $2.99
Taco Mamacita, Sullivan’s Island SC

Hmm, definitely not authentic tasting for Mexican food which is perfectly fine, but it actually lacked flavor too! I was a little surprised that a mango salsa could be this bland. Hey, it was only three bucks so I’ll take it!

Fort Moultrie Tour sign

Fort Moultrie Tour sign. According to the sign, Fort Moultrie was active for 171 years!