Yeah Nah cocktail – Waiheke Island Yacht Club

Yeah Nah cocktail - Waiheke Island Yacht Club
Monkey Shoulder whiskey, Creme Yvette, PX sherry, smoked plum, sliced lemon garnish. $12
Waiheke Island Yacht Club, San Francisco CA

This pop-up restaurant was really cool, partially because everyone who worked there was Kiwi and their accents rock, lol! Actually the cocktails and food were awesome so they were definitely doing things right. Add to that a relaxed setting on a SF Bay pier and you have a winner!

Legion of Honor fountain
Fountain in front of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

“All natural” furikake rubbed New York cut steak – Sansei Seafood Restaurant

New York cut steak - Sansei Seafood Restaurant
Garlic demi glace and hamakua shiitake mushrooms, roasted new potatoes, arugula salad dressed with Japanese umeboshi vinaigrette. $28.50
Sansei Seafood Restaurant, Waikoloa HI

New York cut steak - Sansei Seafood Restaurant
Mmm, this was very tasty. I loved the tender steak and all the components were pretty and delicious. I just wished the potatoes could have been crispier and not SO greasy.

Noni infructescence (Morinda citrifolia)
Developing noni infructescence (Morinda citrifolia, Rubiaceae), Lololu Valley.

Assorted malasadas – Leonard’s Bakery

Assorted malasadas - Leonard's Bakery
Original (white sugar), cinnamon, and Li Hing sugar. 1 dozen $11.31
Leonard’s Bakery, Honolulu HI

Malasadas are Portuguese donuts without holes! Leonard’s Bakery is famous for them so I had to try some while I was in Honolulu. Boy, was it worth it! The malasadas were fresh out of the fryer and newly coated with sugar. They were still warm when I tried my first one and it was heaven! The dough was soft and flavorful, with a bit of chewiness and a dense center. Nom nom noms! I even sent some to Seattle for my brother cause he was craving them!

Original malasada - Leonard's Bakery
Original white sugar malasada. You definitely have to try one fresh and warm!

Li Hing malasada - Leonard's Bakery
Li Hing (Chinese plum) sugar malasada with coffee.

Malasada box - Leonard's Bakery
Malasada box.

Leonard's Bakery storefront
Leonard’s Bakery storefront.

Breakfast – 900 Grayson

Breakfast - 900 Grayson
Fresh farm eggs scrambled, Spanish chorizo sausage, hashed browns, Acme levain toast. $9.50
900 Grayson, Berkeley CA

Now this is what I call a breakfast! The eggs were scrambled perfectly – so light and fluffy. The chorizo sausage had a great sear and amazing flavor. The hash browns were just the way I like it and Acme bread is always a bonus. NOMS!!!

Condiments - 900 Grayson

Home made hot sauce, Santa Rosa plum jam, and ketchup.

Water service - 900 Grayson

Water service.

Plum frangipane tart – Mission Pie

Plum frangipane tart Mission Pie

Slice of plum frangipane tart topped with Straus Organic whipped cream.  $3.50
Mission Pie, San Francisco

I’m not a huge fan of super sweet desserts so I love this tart at Mission Pie.  They don’t always have this flavor so don’t miss out on the thick slices of plums that are beautifully cooked and delicious! Mission Pie also buys their ingredients directly from farms and works closely with local non-profits.  Delicious desserts from a community conscious business – heck yeah!

Latte Mission Pie


Plum galette – Bar Agricole

Plum galette Bar Agricole

Served with lemon verbena ice cream and a ginger crumble. $9
Bar Agricole, San Francisco

While this desert tasted fine, there was something about it that felt a little flat. Perhaps the portion was too small, or perhaps the plate looked a little sad – I’m not sure. I did love the additional fo the ginger flavored crumble. It added a great flavor and texture to an otherwise boring(ish) plate.