Assorted donuts – Donut King

Cake donut with sprinkles - Donut King
Cake donut with sprinkles.
Donut King, San Pablo CA

My co-worker sometimes brings these donuts to work. I always try to control myself, but I eventually eat more than I need to. I guess I can’t be trusted around donuts! 🙂

Cake donut with sprinkles - Donut King
Coconut donut.

Strawberry glazed donut - Donut King
Strawberry glazed donut.

Apple cinnamon donut - Donut King
Apple cinnamon donut.


Chocolate birthday cake – Sogo Bakery

Project 365: Day 100

Wow, it’s the 100th day since I’ve started these Project 365 entries. I’m glad that I’ve stuck with it. It was great to be back at the office, but I’m looking forward to a weekend filled with absolutely nothing. Silverfox and I are gonna grab a quick dinner at Kasa Indian Eatery before having a Friday cocktail. We’re gonna have an early night since he flies out to Seattle tomorrow morning. I’m also still really tired and need to catch up on sleep.

Chocolate birthday cake Sogo Bakery

Chocolate cake with whipped cream filling and icing, topped with assorted fruit and covered with chocolate sprinkles.
Sogo Bakery, Burlingame CA

The office got this light and delicious birthday cake for me. I was genuinely surprised when they presented it. I was SO preoccupied thinking about the upcoming weekend that it didn’t even cross my mind that my office would get a cake to jump start the celebration. Thanks guys!

Chocolate birthday cake Sogo Bakery

Birthday cake pop – Starbucks

Project 365: Day 28

It’s been a boring day so I needed a little pick-me-up this afternoon. Solution: Starbucks run, lol! Haven’t had these cake pops yet so I decided to try one. The pink birthday cake pop was all they had left and it was pretty good. I’m glad that they have something that I actually like. Everything I’ve tried lately hasn’t been very good.

Oh, I’m super excited to attend the Foodspotting Ball Ball tonight! Gonna take Silverfox. I hope there’s a lot of yummy food and drinks!

Birthday cake pop Starbucks

Vanilla cake and icing, dipped in a pink chocolate-y coating with white sprinkles. $1.50
Starbucks, South San Francisco CA

Birthday cake pop Starbucks

I was surprised how moist the cake was! They must add a lot of butter or dip it in simple syrup before coating.

Tall Americano Starbucks

Tall Americano with milk and sugar. $1.95
I love the new Valentine’s Day cup! Very cute.

Cake pop – Goodness Gracious ‘Divine Confections’

Cake pop Goodness Gracious Divine Confections
Cute ice cream cone cake pop with a raspberry flavored chocolate cake inside and sprinkles on top.
Goodness Gracious ‘Divine Confections’, San Francisco

My friend George had a bday gathering and these were one of the sweet treats he offered.  I guess his friend makes these super cute cake pops.  There were different shapes and flavors, but I thought these were the cutest.  I’ve never had a cake pop before, and I thought that the cake on the inside would be dry, but this was very moist (probably from the addition of the raspberry liqueur?).  I’ve recently noticed the increased interest and demand for cake pops and I’m glad.  They are adorable and easy to serve and eat.  You can contact Goodness Gracious through her Facebook page if you want some of these delicious treats!

Cake pop Goodness Gracious Divine Confections

Still in its wrapper with ribbon.

Ruby red velvet & cinnamon horchata cupcakes – Mission Minis

Red velvet cinnamon horchata cupcakes Mission Minis
Red velvet buttermilk cake with classic cream cheese frosting topped with red sprinkles.  Mexican rice milk cake with classic cream cheese frosting topped with freshly ground cinnamon. $1 each
Mission Minis, San Francisco CA

These mini cupcakes are SO cute!  I’ve purchased dozens of these delicious treats to serve at parties and everyone enjoys them a lot.  The staff is really friendly and it’s super easy to place and pick up orders.  Mission Minis has a variety of flavors to choose from and you can even request custom flavors.  At $1 per cupcake, I think they are a perfect treat.  Sometimes they even offer discounted deals through Groupon and other deal websites.

Mini ice cream cones – ANZU

Mini ice cream cones ANZU
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, raspberry and mango sorbet, served with chopped peanuts, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate shavings.
ANZU, San Francisco

I absolutely loved these tiny morsels!  Everything looks cuter in miniature, right?  This dessert, however, reminded me that you should always use fresh ingredients. The ice cream cones were perfectly fine, but all the accompaniments looked and tasted old and chalky.