Bunuelos de platano – Poquito

Bunuelos de platano - Poquito
Plantain dumplings with powdered sugar. $5
Poquito, San Francisco CA

Perhaps these were a little overcooked?! I loved the dark, rich flavor but it bordered on burnt. I also wished there was more plantain.

Christmas parklet, 24th Street

Christmas decorated public parklet, 24th Street.

Belgian style wafel – Blue Bottle Cafe

Belgian style wafel - Blue Bottle Cafe
Waffle with whipped butter and powdered sugar. $7.50
Blue Bottle Cafe, San Francisco CA

This is a perfect waffle, noms! The outside has a slight crispness while the center remains fluffy, and it tastes amazing. Pair it with some espresso and you’ll have an amazing morning!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2011

F-Line Muni red streetcar
F-Line Muni red streetcar, 17th Street. I love the fleet of historic streetcars that run along Market Street and The Embarcadero. They’re a little slow, but it always puts a smile on my face to ride them.

Argentine empanda – Pisco Latin Lounge

Argentine empanda Pisco Latin Lounge

Estancia ground sirloin, golden raisins, pimiento stuffed olives. $3
Pisco Latin Lounge, San Francisco

I think I like the chicken empanada better, but this was also tasty! I somehow liked the powdered sugar on top. It was a nice flavor contrast to the ground beef and olives inside the empanada. I need to learn how to make their super buttery, flaky empanada crust! It’s SO good!

Banana cream tart – Tartine Bakery

Banana cream tart Tartine Bakery

Dark chocolate and caramel coated flaky pastry shell filled with sliced bananas and cream, topped with shaved chocolate and powdered sugar. 9″ tart $40
Tartine Bakery, San Francisco

Wow, this tart was amazing! Messy, but AMAZING! If you love bananas, you’ll absolutely love this tart. I’m not a huge banana fan, but I will eat this tart any day! I brought this to a Christmas party and it was a big hit. You can never go wrong with bringing a tart or cake from Tartine!

Banana cream tart Tartine Bakery

In the box just waiting to be eaten!

Banana cream tart Tartine Bakery

The pastry shell was pretty thick and because it was chocolate and caramel coated, it was fairly difficult to slice through. But after you did, you received a great surprise as the sliced bananas came pouring out. Amazing!

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Fried chicken and waffles – Little Skillet

2 piece (breast and thigh) fried chicken and 2 waffles with house syrup and powdered sugar. $8.50
Little Skillet, San Francisco

Farmerbrown’s Little Skillet location is very cute. It’s this tiny little window in the middle of an alley near the ballpark where are the nearby techies go for amazing chicken and waffles during lunch! Noms! The chicken is fried perfectly and SO delicious. The waffles are also amazing. I love combining everything together and eating them in one bite. Gotta have the syrup and some hot sauce in every bite. It’s good, people!

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Vanilla cream puff – Beard Papa’s

Vanilla cream puff Beard Papa's

“Our original recipe custard discovered in Osaka, Japan and now made available around the world. Our vanilla custard is made with all natural ingredients and is abundant with the highest quality, imported vanilla beans grains available.” $2.25
Beard Papa’s, San Francisco

Mmm, how I love Beard Papa’s cream puffs.  And vanilla is my favorite!  The chocolate custard has a weird grainy texture that I’m less partial to.  The choux pastry is SO frickin’ light and fluffy and the vanilla custard is yummy!  The dusting of powdered sugar adds a little more sweetness.  I can only purchase one at a time otherwise I tend to eat them all, hehe!