Cookie crunch puff – Beard Papa’s

Cookie crunch puff - Beard Papa's
Cream puff with sugar cookie topping, filled with vanilla custard. $2.50
Beard Papa’s, San Francisco CA

Cookie crunch puff - Beard Papa's
Mmm, how I love Beard Papa’s cream puffs! I hadn’t seen this variety before so I decided to try it. The cookie crumble on top was actually really good, but these puffs are plenty good without them too.

Fort Funston
Fort Funston with Sutro Tower in the distance.

Extra courses – The French Laundry

Project 365: Day 125

Another ho-hum day at work, not much to report. Had a good workout at the gym then grabbed an early dinner with CT at Barracuda. Wow, they have a pretty good happy hour. We didn’t have any drinks but their food specials were great and SUPER cheap! I think we got more than enough food for only $13.

Omg, I highly recommend knowing an insider or anyone connected with the restaurant if you’re going to dine at The French Laundry. You’ll not only get the exceptional service and outstanding food that the restaurant is known for, but chances are the kitchen will also throw a few extra bites your way!

It was difficult remembering what everything was since they weren’t on the menu, but I’ve done my best in recollecting. Please correct me if I’ve gotten anything wrong.
The French Laundry, Yountville CA

Salmon tartare The French Laundry
Salmon tartare cone with seaweed sesame tuile, chives.

Gougere The French Laundry
Warm gougere. Choux pastry with cheese Mournay.

Soup with shaved truffle The French Laundry
Soup with shaved truffle and Oxalis(?) blossoms.

Truffled Guinea egg custard The French Laundry
Truffled Guinea egg custard with potato chive wafer.

Gaston Chiquet, Blanc de Blancs d'Ay Champagne
Gaston Chiquet, Blanc de Blancs d’Ay Champagne. Also free, thanks to Olivia’s restaurant connections.

It was my friend Olivia’s (foodie insider friend) 30th birthday and she was able to secure this amazing reservation at The French Laundry. I was definitely honored to be one of her guests and overjoyed that the experience was as amazing as I imagined it would be. The dinner lasted 5 hours and we literally closed the place down! Thanks, Olivia!

Chocolate eclair – La Boulange de Noe

Project 365: Day 27

Wow, it sure was cold this morning! My hands got frozen to and from the gym. It felt like I was back in Seattle. Maybe that’s my cue to move farther south, hehe!

Had a pretty good workout, but I feel like I’m not making it to the gym early enough so I’m rushing while I’m there. That’s not going to change because I hate getting out of bed. I was able to get a couple loads of laundry in while I was having coffee, though. Not mouch else happening today.

Chocolate eclair La Boulange de Noe

Choux pastry split lengthwise, filled with a chocolate cream and topped with chocolate frosting. $3.25
La Boulange Bakery, San Francisco

This was delicious! The consistency of the chocolate cream filling was just how I like it. I’m not a big fan of custardy fillings for eclairs. They remind me of Bismarck donuts, yuck! This filling was light and airy and nommy! There are SO many yummy pastries at La Boulange and it’s my goal to try all of them, lol!

Chocolate eclair La Boulange de Noe

I love that even if you’re buying just one eclair, La Boulange still takes the time to box it up and prevent the eclair from getting damaged in transit. Way to go, guys!

Chocolate eclair La Boulange de Noe

I prefer the first bite over the last bite, hehe!

Vanilla cream puff – Beard Papa’s

Vanilla cream puff Beard Papa's

“Our original recipe custard discovered in Osaka, Japan and now made available around the world. Our vanilla custard is made with all natural ingredients and is abundant with the highest quality, imported vanilla beans grains available.” $2.25
Beard Papa’s, San Francisco

Mmm, how I love Beard Papa’s cream puffs.  And vanilla is my favorite!  The chocolate custard has a weird grainy texture that I’m less partial to.  The choux pastry is SO frickin’ light and fluffy and the vanilla custard is yummy!  The dusting of powdered sugar adds a little more sweetness.  I can only purchase one at a time otherwise I tend to eat them all, hehe!

Assorted cream puffs – Pacific Puffs

Assorted cream puffs Pacific Puffs
These freshly baked choux pastry puffs are filled with Madagascar bourbon vanilla cream, light chocolate cream, whipped cream and freshly cut strawberries, and other special flavors.  They are either topped with powdered sugar or a thick chocolate glaze.
Pacific Puffs, San Francisco

Who doesn’t enjoy light, sweet cream puffs? I certainly enjoyed these but let’s compare them to Beard Papa puffs. I like Beard Papa’s choux pastry better because it has a firmer texture that doesn’t get as soggy from the cream filling.  I like Pacific Puffs’ chocolate cream better because it’s smoother, Beard Papa’s chocolate cream is always a little grainy. Pacific Puffs also has more flvaors.  But overall, I’m gonna say that Beard Papa takes it overall for texture and flavor.  BUT, the boys working Pacific Puffs make it worth it to go there too, lol!A co-worker informed me of Liliha Bakery cream puffs in Honolulu which are supposed to be AMAZING!  Will have to try them next time I’m in Hawaii!

Pacific Puffs logo