Assorted cream puffs – Pacific Puffs

Assorted cream puffs Pacific Puffs
These freshly baked choux pastry puffs are filled with Madagascar bourbon vanilla cream, light chocolate cream, whipped cream and freshly cut strawberries, and other special flavors.  They are either topped with powdered sugar or a thick chocolate glaze.
Pacific Puffs, San Francisco

Who doesn’t enjoy light, sweet cream puffs? I certainly enjoyed these but let’s compare them to Beard Papa puffs. I like Beard Papa’s choux pastry better because it has a firmer texture that doesn’t get as soggy from the cream filling.  I like Pacific Puffs’ chocolate cream better because it’s smoother, Beard Papa’s chocolate cream is always a little grainy. Pacific Puffs also has more flvaors.  But overall, I’m gonna say that Beard Papa takes it overall for texture and flavor.  BUT, the boys working Pacific Puffs make it worth it to go there too, lol!A co-worker informed me of Liliha Bakery cream puffs in Honolulu which are supposed to be AMAZING!  Will have to try them next time I’m in Hawaii!

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