Arepa con relleno – Poquito

Arepa con relleno - Poquito
A plain arepa topped with pork fritada, green onions, sweet plantain, cheese, white beans, pickled onions. $9
Poquito, San Francisco CA

This was not what I was expecting when I saw “arepa” on the menu, but this was SO good! It pretty much had everything on it so it was pretty filling. The pork was delicious as was the fried plantain. A heavy dish, but very nommy!

African wood sorrel (Oxalis pes-caprae, Oxalidaceae)
Yellow Bermuda buttercup/African wood sorrel (Oxalis pes-caprae, Oxalidaceae), 17th Street. It’s wintertime in San Francisco so these weedy plants are popping up everywhere! I wouldn’t want these rampants weeds in my own garden, but I will admit that they’re cute.

Shrimp tacos – Poquito

Shrimp tacos - Poquito
On jicama wrapper with pickled slaw, guacamole, and guanabana (soursop) reduction. $9
Poquito, San Francisco CA

This was very good and I loved the jicama wrapper. Great for a low-carb diet! The shrimp were nicely cooked and I simply devoured these tacos.

Smile car

“Smile” car. This killer car was parked beside the Mission Dolores. I think they spelled “smile” backwards so that it reads correctly if you’re looking at it from your rearview mirror. Hehe!

Empanadas – Poquito

Empanadas - Poquito
Beef with onions and peas. Chicken with onions and peppers. $6 each
Poquito, San Francisco CA

Mmm, I love empanadas and these were very tasty! The outside was nice and crispy and the fillings were delicious.

Salsa and aji - Poquito

Served with mild salsa roja and spicy green aji.

Tin man and child street performers
Tin man and child street performers, Union Square. Nothing says the holidays like the tin man!?

Ensalada de remolacha – Poquito

Ensalada de remolacha - Poquito
Ecuadorian beet salad with carrots, peas, bell pepper and cilantro. $5
Poquito, San Francisco CA

This was not what we expected when we saw it on the menu, but we really loved this salad! Everything tasted great together, even the peas which I was originally skeptical about.

SF MoMa posters Cindy Sherman exhibit
SF MoMa posters for Cindy Sherman exhibit, 16th Street.

Red sangria – Poquito

Red sangria - Poquito

Pitcher $18
Poquito, San Francisco CA

Red sangria - Poquito

Mmm, I love red sangria! Poquito’s version was pretty good and the pitcher is decently priced. I need to make it out to the Dogpatch neighborhood more often!

Noe Valley Whole Foods Christmas trees
The Christmas trees now cover the entrance to the Noe Valley Whole Foods, 24th Street. I’m still contemplating whether I should get a small tree this year.