Frangipane almond croissant – Tartine Bakery

Frangipane almond croissant Tartine Bakery

Sweet and delicious! Warm crisp croissant layers, filled with an almond and frangipane paste and topped with toasted almonds and powdered sugar. Noms!
Tartine Bakery, San Francisco


3 thoughts on “Frangipane almond croissant – Tartine Bakery

  1. hi Vittle Monster, I’m heading to San Fran later this year [hurrah!] & have been reading all your reviews. Where would be your ‘must eat’ restaurant? We’ll be travelling with kids so somewhere a bit relaxed would be great. Also, where do you think the best bakery is in San Fran? Cheers from the Hungry Mum x

    • You have to experience dum sum at Yank Sing. They have a large dining room and it’s definitely kid friendly. It’s kinda touristy but also popular with locals alike. The food is delicious and it’s dim sum so you can try a variety of things. Brunch is always kid friendly! Try Plow, Zazie, or Zuni Cafe for a more high end experience. Foreign Cinema has never disappointed me. My favorite bakeries are Tartine (this place gets packed), Craftsman & Wolves, and Noe Valley Bakery. There’s so many great restaurants here that I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time!

      • I have only just seen this comment – I think the gremlins had hidden it from me! Thanks so much for all this, am getting excited about all the great-sounding options you’ve suggested 🙂

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