All-Star breakfast special – Waffle House

A pretty large breakfast with lots of greasy, buttery, fatty food. Definitely not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. $6.40
Waffle House, North Charleston SC

Single waffle - Waffle House
Single waffle with Pride buttery spread.

2 eggs over medium, grits, white toast - Waffle House
2 eggs over medium, grits, white toast and Welch’s mixed fruit jelly.

Crispy bacon - Waffle House
3 strips of crispy bacon.

Fried chicken and waffles – Little Skillet

2 piece (breast and thigh) fried chicken and 2 waffles with house syrup and powdered sugar. $8.50
Little Skillet, San Francisco

Farmerbrown’s Little Skillet location is very cute. It’s this tiny little window in the middle of an alley near the ballpark where are the nearby techies go for amazing chicken and waffles during lunch! Noms! The chicken is fried perfectly and SO delicious. The waffles are also amazing. I love combining everything together and eating them in one bite. Gotta have the syrup and some hot sauce in every bite. It’s good, people!

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