Lover’s chicken and waffles – Dear Mom

Lover's chicken and waffles - Dear Mom
Vegan fried “chicken”, waffles, maple syrup, herb butter.
Dear Mom, San Francisco CA

This “chicken” was pretty good for vegan! It was tender and juicy and I really liked the breading. The waffle had a great texture too!

Marisol: Portrait of Georgia O'Keefe
Marisol: Portrait of Georgia O’Keefe statue, Sydney G. Walton Square.

Loaded vegan fries – Dear Mom

Loaded vegan fries - Dear Mom
French fries topped with gravy, mushroom, carrot, scallions, rosemary.
Dear Mom, San Francisco CA

These fries were messy, but delicious! The messier the better, I say. There was so much on these fries that it was a meal in it of itself. 🙂

Manhattan cocktails - Dear Mom
Manhattan cocktails.

Mission Dolores at dusk
Mission Dolores at dusk.

Fried “chicken” torta – Dear Mom

Fried chicken torta - Dear Mom
Vegan “chicken” sandwich served with salad. $9
Dear Mom, San Francisco CA

This sandwich made by Hella Vegan Eats pop-up was actually pretty tasty. As you can see from my blog, I’m a total carnivore so this was a surprisingly pleasant change. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the vegan food, but they tasted great and I didn’t even miss the meat. Will it convert me to veganism? Absolutely not, lol! But I applaud HVE for the great food.

Alien graffiti mural, SoMa
Alien graffiti mural, SoMa.