Oeuf a la coque – L’appart Resto

Oeuf a la coque - L'appart Resto
2 soft-boiled eggs and black truffle mouillettes served with serrano ham, roasted potatoes and green asparagus. $13
L’appart Resto, San Anselmo CA

Mmm, this was really tasty! I love little tastings of food so this was a perfect meal for me. Everything was delicious and I loved dipping the mouillettes into the soft-boiled eggs.

Bon Tempe Lake
Beautiful Bon Tempe Lake, Marin County.

Bellini and Kir royal – L’appart Resto

Bellini and Kir royal - L'appart Resto

Bellini: sparkling wine and peach. $8.50
Kir royal: sparkling wine and creme de cassis. $8.50
L’appart Resto, San Anselmo CA

Mmm, champagne brunch cocktails are delicious and I love mixing it up! L’appart Resto had nice alternatives to the usual mimosa, score!

Bread - L'appart Resto
Bread. Complimentary
This bread was really tasty especially with the real butter slathered on top, noms!

Clematis Multi Blue

Clematis ‘Multi Blue’ (Ranunculaceae), Kentfield.

Croque madame – L’appart Resto

Croque madame - L'appart Resto
Ham, bechamel and gruyere on Panarma brioche topped with an egg served with mixed greens. $10
L’appart Resto, San Anselmo CA

This dish had some good flavors, but it was super dry! I love my croque madames with plenty of bechamel sauce and gooey cheese that oozes from the middle. The brioche on this croque madame was really dried out and there wasn’t enough moisture from elsewhere to help save the dish. Even the sunny side up egg wasn’t enough to soak some life into this dish.

Bon Tempe Lake
Bon Tempe Lake, Marin County.