Kir cocktail – L’Arganier

Kir cocktail - L'Arganier

Creme de cassis (blackcurrant liqueur) topped with white wine. 4€
L’Arganier, Paris FR

We stopped by this place to grab some quick drinks before dinner. We sat outside at a table on the narrow sidewalk, awkwardly positioned to avoid passersby. Our waitress was hoot! Her English wasn’t the best, but she was SO friendly and accommodating with our lack of French. That’s one thing I appreciated about our Paris trip – everyone was SO nice and we didn’t get any flack for not knowing the language. But then again, we’re fairly well-traveled and try not to be the quintessential loud, annoying Americans everyone. Lol! 😉

Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church

Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church, rue Saint Antoine, Marais. This beautiful Roman Catholic church was around the corner from our hotel and near the Saint Paul Metro station.

Bellini and Kir royal – L’appart Resto

Bellini and Kir royal - L'appart Resto

Bellini: sparkling wine and peach. $8.50
Kir royal: sparkling wine and creme de cassis. $8.50
L’appart Resto, San Anselmo CA

Mmm, champagne brunch cocktails are delicious and I love mixing it up! L’appart Resto had nice alternatives to the usual mimosa, score!

Bread - L'appart Resto
Bread. Complimentary
This bread was really tasty especially with the real butter slathered on top, noms!

Clematis Multi Blue

Clematis ‘Multi Blue’ (Ranunculaceae), Kentfield.