Pastrami sandwich – Katz Delicatessen

Pastrami sandwich - Katz Delicatessen
With mustard on rye. 19.75
Katz Delicatessen, New York NY

This sandwich was delicious and HUGE! But I guess you would expect a humongous sandwich for almost twenty bucks. The pastrami was SO flavorful and beautifully smoked. The mustard had a great tang. The rye bread wasn’t my favorite since I’ve had better elsewhere. This was definitely a two meal sandwich!

Pickles - Katz Delicatessen
Pickles. Complimentary
These pickles were great with a very interesting texture that I hadn’t experienced before. It’s hard to describe but it definitely wasn’t that of your typical pickle.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge.

Pastrami reuben and French onion soup – Savour

Pastrami reuben and French onion soup - Savour
Pastrami, choucroute au champagne, gruyere, Thousand Island dressing and greens grilled on a ciabatta. Half sandwich and soup $9
Savour, Seattle WA

Mmm, this was a great tasty lunch for under ten bucks! The pastrami reuben was delicious and the choucroute au champagne was a nice twist. The French onion soup was also yummy and perfect for the cold day.

Elliott Bay
Elliott Bay from Olympic Sculpture Park.

Chelsea’s Treat sandwich – Giovanni Pastrami

Chelsea's Treat sandwich - Giovanni Pastrami
Double Decker! 1/2 pound of hot corned beef and pastrami with Swiss cheese, tomato and Russian dressing on rye bread. Served with macaroni salad. $16
Giovanni Pastrami, Honolulu HI

Geez, this sandwich was large! I love corned beef and pastrami so I was in heaven. I don’t think I really needed the macaroni salad, but I ate it for good measure, lol!

Sound box - Giovanni Pastrami

Sound box. We needed this to listen to an SF Giants baseball game! 🙂

Ala Wai Canal
Ala Wai Canal from Ala Moana Boulevard.

Say Hey sandwich – Ike’s Place

Say Hey sandwich - Ike's Place
Bacon, pastrami, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato, dirty on Dutch crunch bread. $8.98
Ike’s Place, San Francisco CA

I will reiterate that the sandwiches at Ike’s are delicious! They’re quite substantial too, but I guess they should be at this higher price range.

Colorful sunrise
Colorful sunrise from my balcony. I know I post a lot of these pics, but sometimes I wake up in the morning and am absolutely amazed at the beautiful show outside.

Pastrami sandwich – Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

Pastrami sandwich - Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen
Hand sliced served on double-baked rye bread with pickles and cole slaw. $12.50
Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen, San Francisco CA

Wow, that is some fancy slicing! This sandwich has a great smoky flavor and the rye bread is delicious. The cole slaw has a nice horseradish flavor and the cabbage is super fresh and crisp. Noms!

Colorful botanical-themed mural, Church Street
Colorful botanical-themed mural, Church Street.

Pastrami and eggs – Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen

Pastrami and eggs - Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen
Pastrami scrambled with eggs served with rye toast, pear. $10
Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen, San Francisco CA

Noms! This place rocks and the workers are pretty cool too. The pastrami is SO delicious as is their rye bread. I wish the bread was thicker, but that’s only because I want more of it, hehe.

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen to go container
Branded to-go container.

Chandelier at the Curran Theater
Chandelier at the Curran Theater. This place is smaller than the Orpheum, but equally as charming.

Hot pastrami with tongue sandwich – Sherman’s Deli and Bakery

Hot pastrami with tongue sandwich - Sherman's Deli and Bakery
It’s a real mouthful! We serve it on deli rye bread with lettuce and tomato. A great combination. Served with cole slaw. $14.45
Sherman’s Deli and Bakery, Palm Springs CA

Wow, this sandwich was a true MONSTER! It was really two sandwiches stacked up into one. The meats were SO delciious and the rye bread was light and fluffy. I love Sherman’s!

Lemonade - Sherman's Deli and Bakery

Lemonade. $2.65

Classic white Ford Thunderbird
Classic white Ford Thunderbird. I think they switched out the original hood emblem, but I really don’t know anything about cars, lol!

Kung pao pastrami – Mission Chinese Food

Kung pao pastrami Mission Chinese Food
Tender pastrami with explosive chilies, celery, potato, green onions, roasted peanuts, and garnished with sesame seeds. $11
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

This dish is even hotter than their Ma Po Tofu!  Perhaps it’s all the dried chili flakes that practically coat every piece in the dish.  But it is VERY delicious.  It has a wonderful smokiness and the variety in textures is absolutely fabulous.  Another go-to dish of mine from Mission Chinese Food.

7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2014

Kung pao pastrami - Mission Chinese Food
February 1, 2014
You can really see how this dish has changed since my original post. Personally, I liked the original.