Lengua super taco – La Victoria Taqueria

Lengua super taco - La Victoria Taqueria
Beef tongue, beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, salsa. $3.99
La Victoria Taqueria, San Jose CA

Mmm, this taco was really tasty! And I love their orange sauce, which everyone else loves by the way. They even sell the sauce by the bottle. Yum!

Beef tongue – Namu Gaji

Beef tongue - Namu Gaji
Asparagus, broccoli, collard greens, cedar, lime. $14
Namu Gaji, San Francisco CA

Boy, was this good! I’ve only previously had beef tongue sliced into sandwiches, shredded into tacos, or cut up in different ways as an ingredient in soups and stews. This was large pieces of tongue, perfectly cooked and beautifully dressed, simply presented so as to enjoy the beef tongue in all its delicious glory. Great job, Namu Gaji!

Beef tongue - Namu Gaji
7×7 Magazine’s The Big Eat San Francisco: 100 Things to Eat + Drink Before You Die – 2013

Banchan - Namu Gaji
Banchan. Mung bean sprouts, daikon greens, kimchi. Complimentary

Mixed meats plate – Salt Kitchen & Tasting Bar

Mixed meats plate - Salt Kitchen & Tasting Bar
Trotter croquettes, smoked beef tongue, house sausage, flat-iron, roasted garlic, salsa verde, grilled ciabatta. $25
Salt Kitchen and Tasting Bar, Honolulu HI

Mmm, this was heaven on a plate for a meat-lover like me! I think the smoked beef tongue was my favorite! It was SO tender and had a great texture and flavor, noms! The trotter croquettes were also really fun. I wish the pic would’ve come out better since this dish was so yummy.

Brothers In Valor Memorial

“Brothers In Valor” Memorial, Fort DeRussy. Honoring World War II veterans.

Korean bbq dinner with work peeps – YakiniQ BBQ

There’s usually an occasion to warrant a work dinner for our group, but this time around I think we just wanted to grab some Korean BBQ in Japantown. What?! We don’t have a Korea-town in San Francisco, hehe. I’d never been to this restaurant, but it’s one of those places that’s all-you-can-eat for a set price. Or at least all-you-can-eat when the service feels like refilling your table. I’m not complaining, we had plenty to eat as you will see. Overall, I enjoyed the food and it’s always fun to hang out with my work peeps and their significant others. There were only six of us that night which made it easy to pass along food as they were ready off the central grill (and split the bill, lol)! $23.99 each, beer additional
YakiniQ BBQ, San Francisco CA

Intestine bulgogi tripe - YakiniQ BBQ
The grill is located in the center of the table and it does get dirty throughout the night, but they periodically replace the grill top. At one point, we had too much meat in the center which choked out the flame, so a server had to relight it. Oops! I tried to get a pic of everything we ordered, and I was mostly successful. We kept ordering multiple plates at once so it was a little difficult. You’ll get the general idea of the evening’s dining experience though, hehe!

Prime beef tongue and pork neck meat - YakiniQ BBQ
Prime beef tongue and pork neck meat. I’ve never had pork neck meat before and it was really tender and delicious!

Prime beef tongue - YakiniQ BBQ
Prime beef tongue on the grill.

Small intestine - YakiniQ BBQ
Small intestine. You definitely have to use the scissors to cut this and cook it to a crisp!

Honeycomb tripe - YakiniQ BBQ
Honeycomb tripe. Not my favorite, but they taste better with some chili sauce on top.

Marinated short rib gal-bi - YakiniQ BBQ
Marinted short rib (gal-bi) and marinated beef (bul-go-gi) on the grill. Delicious standards.

Spicy chicken - YakiniQ BBQ
Spicy chicken.

Beef brisket - YakiniQ BBQ
Beef brisket.

Pork skin - YakiniQ BBQ
Pork skin. Again, the trick is to grill this to a crisp otherwise there’s no way you can even chew through it!

Garlic butter chicken - YakiniQ BBQ
Garlic butter chicken.

Spicy pork belly - YakiniQ BBQ
Spicy pork belly.

Steamed egg - YakiniQ BBQ

Steamed egg.

Rice cake wraps - YakiniQ BBQ
Rice cake wraps.

Dipping sauces - YakiniQ BBQ
Dipping sauces.

Banchan - YakiniQ BBQ
Banchan. Complimentary

Hite Korean beer - YakiniQ BBQ

Hite Korean beer. Large bottle $13

Hite Korean beer - YakiniQ BBQ

Hite beer in a Cass glass beer glass. It was my first time trying this beer and I enjoyed it. It was light and didn’t make me burp as much as other beers, lol!

Hot pastrami with tongue sandwich – Sherman’s Deli and Bakery

Hot pastrami with tongue sandwich - Sherman's Deli and Bakery
It’s a real mouthful! We serve it on deli rye bread with lettuce and tomato. A great combination. Served with cole slaw. $14.45
Sherman’s Deli and Bakery, Palm Springs CA

Wow, this sandwich was a true MONSTER! It was really two sandwiches stacked up into one. The meats were SO delciious and the rye bread was light and fluffy. I love Sherman’s!

Lemonade - Sherman's Deli and Bakery

Lemonade. $2.65

Classic white Ford Thunderbird
Classic white Ford Thunderbird. I think they switched out the original hood emblem, but I really don’t know anything about cars, lol!

Carnitas and lengua tacos – El Patron Lonchera

Project 365: Day 64

I had to work in Oakland in the morning today so I stopped by one of the Mexican food trucks in West Oakland for lunch. One of my co-workers suggested El Patron Lonchera because they have tasty tacos and the food hasn’t made him sick yet, lol!

Carnitas and lengua tacos El Patron Mexican Truck

Two carnitas (pork) and two lengua (beef tongue) tacos on corn tortillas topped with red onions and cilantro. Served with pickled carrots, radishes, and jalapenos. Tacos $1.25 each. Diet Coke $1
El Patron Lonchera, Oakland CA

These were pretty good! Both tacos had great flavor and they didn’t get me sick, hehe. The beef tongue was in large chunks (yum) and the carnitas were nicely shredded with a few crispy pieces (double yum). The guy running the food truck doesn’t speak English so you either have to gesture or try and remember your pathetic highschool Spanish grammar!  🙂

Stewed beef tongue and turnips – Mission Chinese Food

Project 365: Day 55

Not much going on today. Just another day of training at work, hitting the gym afterward and I have to remember to swing by Walgreens for some hairspray. Other than that, I’ll prolly just catch up on DVR. I should start thinking about what I’m going to pack for Ohio. It’s gonna be in the 40’s, EW! It’ll be fun to see Codes though. Not looking forward to all the food and drinks though so close to the cruise, bad timing.

Stewed beef tongue and turnips Mission Chinese Food

Tendon terrine, hot mustard, pickled burdock root, chives. $10
Mission Chinese Food, San Francisco

This soup is very rich and kinda too salty! The beef tongue is fall-apart tender and so tasty as are the root vegetables, but the broth is super soy flavored, smoky, and salty. I’m not sure where the tendon terrine is in there. I would imagine that a tendon terrine with just melt in such a hot soup.

Stewed beef tongue and turnips Mission Chinese Food

Lengua taco – El Farolito

Project 365: Day 36

It felt good to be back at the gym this morning. It’s Thursday and I really want it to be Friday! At least the weather is getting nicer. Hopefully it’ll be great for the weekend. Gotta plan dinner with the boys on Saturday. Papa Chang also recommend some Asian restaurants down in San Jose for Sunday – can’t wait!

Lengua taco El Farolito

Regular taco with beef tongue, two soft tortillas, hot salsa, onions and cilantro. $2.25
El Farolito, San Francisco

This was delicious! I love the dark, rich flavor of beef tongue. It was super tender, juicy, and fatty – just the way I like it! They also pile on the meat and top it off with yummy toppings. Messy, but amazing!

Lengua taco El Farolito